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    Marvel’s Guardians Are Grounded on Earth

    New Comic Book Day December 14th 2016

    Our Guardians of the Galaxy get grounded, Spider-Man tries to get back normal in the wake of Civil War II, and Briggs Land heats up. All in this week’s New Comic Book Day. Remember, these are only a small batch of this week’s amazing New Releases! Check out our other blog articles to see our thoughts on other books. Be sure to comment or share our post on Facebook or Twitter if you like our articles!

    SPOILER ALERT — We try to keep from posting spoilers, but one may sneak through to our reviews now and again. Read with caution, true believers.

    Spider-Man #10
    By: Brian Michael Bendis, Nico Leon, Sara Pichelli

    Set after the events of Civil War II, Miles meets up with his friends to tell them about what happened in Washington D.C. While this issue is rehashing things we’ll see in the last 2 issues of Civil War II, it does so from Miles’ perspective, giving us insight ultimately into why Miles decided to confront the vision the Inhumans had for him.

    This issue is equal parts revealing and heart-breaking. Brian Michael Bendis continues to do a great job of setting this Spider-Man apart from his predecessor, making him a unique gem in the modern Marvel Universe. Nico Leon paces this issue wonderfully by providing clear distinction between the flashbacks and present story, not sacrificing a moment of drama in exchange for the exposition.

    If you have been picking up Civil War II, Spider-Man #10 is a great companion issue. [Mikey N. at TFAW.com]


    Guardians of the Galaxy #15
    By: Brian Michael Bendis, Kevin Maguire

    Spinning out of the events of Civil War II, the Guardians of the Galaxy have a blown up their ship, and are now stranded on Earth. This new story arc, Grounded, will be following each member of the team while they redefine themselves given their current situation. This issue is focused on ex-Fantastic Four member, Ben Grimm (aka The Thing).

    Ben is approached early on by S.H.I.E.L.D. Director, Maria Hill. She makes him an offer that’s pretty tough to refuse. Before Ben signs up though, he needs to see the current state of the world. This issue lets the reader see how things have changed, but mostly how this really isn’t the world he remembers.

    Brian Michael Bendis provides a very definitive voice for The Thing, hitting all the comedic beats, but providing the subtle shame Ben feels for his physical condition. Long time Guardians artist, Valerio Schiti gives us some very dynamic pages, which is amazing considering how it’s a much more personal story. Overall, a great jump-on point for people interested in joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. [Mikey N. at TFAW.com]


    Briggs Land #4
    By: Brian Wood, Mack Chater, Lee Loughridge, Tula Lotay

    After reading Briggs Land #4, I can tell why AMC wants this as a show. It’s compelling and controversial. Caleb Briggs wants to take over a local store but buying it seems to be more trouble than he originally planned. The owner, Mr. Hillson, wants to keep the business in the family and Caleb won’t stand for it. We see how far he’ll go to intimidate Mr. Hillson into falling in line.

    Brian Wood is masterful at dialogue. In some panels, you really get a sense of time when people are talking. Those long pauses and stare downs that happen when two people don’t agree are particularly wonderful. Mack Chater and Lee Loughridge show that even without Brian Wood’s dialogue they can pull off the same emotion. Briggs Land is yet again proving to be top-tier comics. [Martin M. at TFAW.com]


    What did you think of these books? What should we review next week? Let us know below!

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    The Walking Dead TPB Volume 17: Something To Fear- A World Ruled By The Dead

    Review of The Walking Dead vol 17

    the walking dead vol 17SPOILER ALERT: I do my best to write spoiler free reviews, but this is an interesting situation. The next season of the television series is loosely based off The Walking Dead TPB Volume 17. The show runners don’t always treat events in the exact same manner as the graphic novel and I will try my best not to spoil the book, so it may even be a moot point, but be warned. Spoilers (maybe).

    In Volumes 14, 15, and 16 of The Walking Dead TPB, a horde of walkers breach the walls of Alexandria and threaten to overrun the gated community. Alexandria’s residents face down the horde and save their community. In the commotion, Carl is shot in the face and goes into a coma. The residents become restless and start questioning Rick’s leadership abilities. Rick quells the mutiny and the community begins the process of rebuilding.

    While scouting for supplies, Alexandrians meet a man named Paul Monroe who claims he is from a nearby band of more than 200 people, called the Hilltop Colony. Rick and the others go to scout out Hilltop, and find a walled community that appears even safer than Alexandria. The Hilltop folks warn Rick about a dangerous band of men, known as the Saviors and led by man called Negan, who take half of Hilltop’s food and supplies in exchange for “protection” from walkers and rogue agents.

    In The Walking Dead TPB Volume 17, Rick and crew encounter a group of the Saviors, who demand tribute from Alexandria. Rick refuses and the crew lays waste to all but one of the Saviors, sending him back to Negan with the message Alexandria will not bow. Mistake.

    Turns out, the Saviors are a much larger group than Rick anticipated, and their leader makes the Governor look like a school yard bully by comparison. When Negan catches up to Rick, he mercilessly beats one of Rick’s group to death with a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat while Rick and company are forced to watch helplessly. (This is where season 6 of the television show left viewers hanging.)

    Robert Kirkman spent the last three volumes, roughly 15 issues, setting up this punch to the gut. Just when it seems like Rick and company are making some headway, getting to a comfortable place where they can relax and pretend like the world is an okay place again, the hammer drops. All feelings of hope, optimism, and celebration that were left over from the recent victory over the zombie horde have disappeared. Once again, we’re shown that while the walkers are dangerous, the real monsters are still breathing.

    The Walking Dead television show picks back up on October 23rd. If you’re looking to get your fix in the mean time, The Walking Dead graphic novels are available through Volume 25. Go back to Volume 1 and start the series all over again, or pick up Volumes 17 and 18 to follow along with the current storyline.

    The Walking Dead TPB Volume 17: Something To Fear, Image Comics, released November 21, 2012, written by Robert Kirkman, pencils and ink Charlie Adler, gray tones Cliff Rathburn, letters by Russ Wooton, $11.99

    Review by Brendan Allen.

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    Sneak Peek at Briggs Land #1 and an Interview with Creator Brian Wood

    Interview with Brian Wood

    You don’t have to look very far to find someone who wants to secede from their country, to set up a tiny nation-state of their own where they can make the rules that they think make the most sense. In certain parts of the Pacific Northwest there are even regions where groups have banded together to create their own countries. Like the fictional Briggs Land, the latest creation from master storyteller Brian Wood.

    We caught up with Brian and asked him some pointed questions about Briggs Land and what he was thinking as he created this exciting new series, a story that’s already been picked up by AMC TV to make into a series!

    But first, a preview of Briggs Land #1:

    Briggs Land #1 coverGrace Briggs is a family matriarch whose husband Jim rules Briggs Land, a hundred square miles of wilderness that’s set up as another country entirely. Drive up to the gate and signs state “You are now leaving the United States”. Problem is, the head of the Briggs family, Jim Briggs, is locked up in a Federal prison with a lifetime sentence for attempted murder. He still does his best to run the family and land, but Grace is fed up and wants to take control from her husband. So she shows up to his prison and tells him the news: she’s taking over. And there ain’t nothing he can do about it.

    It’s not going smoothly, however, from the FBI agents following Grace around to the Briggs boys being unsure whom to support during this family coup. Everyone else in Briggs Land also has to decide if their loyalty is with Jim or the upstart, Grace, who has really been running the land for years anyway. The results are the last thing that propper secessionists ever want: danger from within, as is clear when there’s an incident late at night, a threat to life and limb.

    This is clearly a story in the same vein as the popular TV shows Sons of Anarchy and Justified, and indeed, AMC is working with writer Brian Wood on a TV series based on the Briggs Land story. It’s  an engrossing tale, enhanced by the flowing sketch art of Mack Chater and Lee Loughridge.

    If you want a head start on the upcoming TV series so you’ll be the expert in your circle of friends, Briggs Land #1 is a must buy beginning of a powerful and intriguing series.

    Briggs Land preview page 1TFAW: What’s the inspiration for the Briggs Land series? It’s an intriguing storyline, for sure, and quite timely!

    Brian Wood: Timely, absolutely, but its been timely for awhile, going back, for me to the 90’s, with Ruby Ridge and Oklahoma City, which were my first exposures to the idea of domestic terrorism and this sort of off-the-grid secessionist culture. I should add that by terrorism I refer to Timothy McVeigh, not the Weavers.

    So that combined with the fact that in doing research for DMZ and later for Rebels, I came across a lot of material about US militia groups, hate groups, Patriots and Sovereigns, and it stuck in my head as something that would make a great series someday.

    Briggs Land preview page 2TFAW: You chose a female protagonist as the main character, wresting control of the Briggs family business and property from her husband? Love the dynamic, but what made you choose her rather than, say, one of their children to try a coup?

    Wood: An early version of this has the husband, the patriarch of the family, in control. A very Tony Soprano type of guy. Which certainly worked, but was also very typical – it read like a traditional sort of mafia story. And because of that the people I showed it to, including AMC, didn’t love it like I think they should. So after sitting with it awhile I decided to rewrite the pitch with the wife in charge, and the difference was night and day. It immediately brought forth all sorts of interesting conflicts, both in the Briggs family itself as well as the culture surrounding it, that just didn’t exist before. It made it ten times as rich and compelling, and that’s when people started to respond to it.

    Personally, it also gives me a chance to write a nuanced, complex mother character, something I have not yet done but want to.

    TFAW: What state do you have in mind as the setting? Idaho? Montana? And how does that affect the story in terms of FBI surveillance, etc.

    Briggs Land preview page 3Wood: It’s New York State, which may not initially seem like a place with a surplus of empty, rural land, but it has a tremendous amount of it. The fact its New York isn’t a primary element in the story, but it does enable us to bring in a more diverse cast simply because it’s an area far less homogeneous that say rural Idaho or Montana, which is pretty white. There’s also rust belt-esque elements upstate, such as decaying towns, abandoned mills and railways, and other things like that that let us cast this secessionist culture in not just a visually-interesting world, but an economically depressed setting that would support a large culture of disaffected types like the Briggs community.

    TFAW: Really love the art styles of Mack Chater and Lee Loughridge. How did you all come together for this new series?

    Briggs Land preview page 4Wood: I think I asked Tula Lotay for some suggestions, and Mack was one of them. I admit I had not heard of him before, as he’s new to comics (but has had a rich career in character and game design). But I found some samples that had this gritty, realistic style that seemed perfect for a crime comic, and lo and behold they were pages for a George Pelecanos comic! It was intimidating to ask him to work with me after working with someone like Pelecanos, but Mack was kind and said yes. And Lee… he’s a legend as far as I’m concerned, seeming to have worked on an endless list of amazing comics. It’s a great team. Plus Tula Lotay on covers!

    TFAW: You’ve said that the AMC TV series (congrats on that!) and the comic book published by Dark Horse will add to each other. Can you give us any hints on what we can expect?

    Wood: What I mean by that is the fact that I’m writing both the comic and the pilot at the same time, more or less, and that unique (I can’t think of another example of someone doing this) perspective allows me to step back and look at the comic from the POV of needing to adapt it, and to step away from the pilot script and look at the comic with fresh eyes, and use each of these Briggs Lands to support each other.

    Briggs Land preview page 5Maybe a better way to explain that is to say that since comics is a very finite space — only so many words in so many panels for so many pages — the show allows me to expand on characters and the world and in doing so, create an overall richer world. And the fact that the comic has no television producers laying rules down means we can get away with things in the comic we can’t put in the show.

    So at the end, for me, Briggs Land is both formats complementing each other to create an overall story that is greater than the sum of its parts. Each can stand alone, for sure, but together it’s richer.

    TFAW: In an ideal world, how many issues do you have planned for this series?

    Wood: Fifty? Maybe more? I’ve said that Briggs Land feels like DMZ in terms of it being this world that can support an endless number of stories. So it would be nice to have a nice long run like that.

    TFAW: You’ve worked with Dark Horse Comics on several other titles like The Massive, Rebels, EVE Valkyrie, and Aliens: Defiance. How has it been working with the folks over there from a creative perspective?

    Wood: I love Dark Horse (obviously). After Vertigo changed and it was no longer a publisher where I could do the sorts of books I wanted to do, I wanted to find a home that was stable and had a great support system to help these projects succeed. I can see the appeal of a publisher like Image, but I’m in this business to be a writer, not a self-publisher, or a publicist, or a sales rep, or any of that type of thing that takes away from the actual writing. There’s a team at Dark Horse that has my back, and I like that.

    TFAW: Who do you think is going to fall in love with this new series?

    Briggs Land preview page 6Wood: This is such a classic “Brian Wood” book that my regulars will absolutely find a lot to love. Like you said at the top, this is timely and relevant to mainstream current events and it doesn’t seem like that will change any time soon. This is also a crime drama, something that’s a little new for me, so there’s potential for fans of that genre to get into this. Plus the TV show element, which assuming all goes as planned, will open up a huge audience that may not be regular comics people.

    TFAW: What other books are you working on right now?

    Wood: There’s Starve and Black Road at Image. Aliens: Defiance and at least one other project for Dark Horse.

    TFAW: What comic books are you enjoying right now?

    Brian: I don’t read as many comics as I like, since my leisure reading time is consumed with research reading for my books, but when I do I tend to read titles written or drawn by friends of mine, rather than following certain characters or companies. So, Jason Aaron is someone I’ll always read, as is Greg Rucka and Warren Ellis.

    Great, thanks for the time and your thoughtful answers, Brian! We wish you the best of success with the new Briggs Land, and we’re definitely eager to see where you go with the series.

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    Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 for Free

    Walking Dead Season 2The Walking Dead Season 2 returns February 12, and you can watch it on the big screen for free! Things From Another World continues to bring you free screenings of The Walking Dead at the historic Hollywood Theatre at 4122 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR, with our MCs Cort and Fatboy. Doors open at 8:30 p.m., and the show starts at 9:00 p.m. This is a 21+ event, as the Hollywood Theatre now sells beer!

    Here are just a few reasons to come down and watch Robert Kirkman’s zombie epic with us:

    • It’s more fun with a group! The Walking Dead has some really vocal fans–and detractors. You’ll be surrounded by fellow zombie fans, and it’s an easy stroll to bars like The Moon and Sixpence afterward if you need to discuss (and recover from) each week’s episode.
    • There’s plenty of room for everyone: the main theater seats 444 people!
    • Cort and Fatboy are hilarious–and concise. They’re up on stage, making you laugh, and then BAM! Time to watch the show!
    • The Hollywood Theatre now serves beer.
    • The Hollywood Theatre now serves beer–right inside the theater! You won’t miss a second of the action if you need another cold one in the middle of a zombie attack.

    Join us every Sunday night from February 12 through March 18!



    Are you excited for the return of The Walking Dead Season 2? What are you hoping to see? Post your comments below!

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    AMC’s The Walking Dead Premiere & Costume Contest!

    Check out AMC’s The Walking Dead Premiere in Portland!

    Did you watch AMC’s The Walking Dead premiere last Sunday? If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, you might even have watched it on the big screen–Things From Another World is sponsoring live screenings of the entire first season at the Bagdad Theater, hosted by Cort and Fatboy!

    Come join us this Sunday, November 7 from 10:00-11:00 to watch AMC’s The Walking Dead in a gorgeous vintage movie theater–for free! Doors open at 9:30 p.m., so get there early for a seat. The theater was so packed last week, we had to turn people away!

    Meanwhile, check out footage from the action-packed premiere! The Bagdad was past capacity, and Cort and Fatboy (and the audience) judged a hilarious costume contest with all kinds of zombie-fied characters:


    Walking Dead



    Did you watch AMC’s The Walking Dead? What did you think? Post your comments below!

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    Walking Dead TV Show Debuts on Halloween

    AMC LogoClose your windows, lock your doors and clear your schedules. Come this Halloween, you’ll have more to fear than trick-or-treaters. AMC has announced that its newest original series, The Walking Dead, will premiere on Halloween night, Sunday, October 31 at 10PM | 9C. The Sunday night series will debut with a 90-minute premiere episode. Subsequent episodes will be hour-long presentations.


    All the hair on my arms stood up when I first saw this footage down at San Diego. I’m so excited for this show! So, what do you think? Impressed? Excited? Let us know below.

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    SDCC ’10: AMC’s Walking Dead Panel Part 2

    Live From San Diego Comic-Con 2010

    Part two of the Walking Dead TV Show Panel. Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, and Emma Bell join Frank Darabont, Robert Kirkman, Greg Nicotero, Gale Anne Hurd, and Joel Stillerman to discuss the series. Plus, the official announcement of Bear McCreary’s involvement with The Walking Dead!

    AMC Logo



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