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    I Just Saw and Loved Wonder Woman — Now What?

    Wonder Woman is a success on so many levels.

    Not only is it the first film to have a female superhero in the starring role, it’s now gone on to break the box office record for a film directed by a woman. The film also single-handedly restored viewers’ faith in the DC Cinematic Universe.

    More than that, it’s given women both young and old someone to look up to. Wonder Woman is now the cultural icon she was always meant to be. She’s more than just a hero: She is female empowerment personified and a role model.

    If you’ve left the theater wanting more action, adventure, and excitement from female superheroes, you’re not alone! However, we know that navigating the world of comics is tricky business.

    That’s why at TFAW we’ve come up with 10 wondrous comics and graphic novels that both star female superheroes and act as great jumping-on points for new readers.

    Did you find a new favorite book or want to recommend something we missed? Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!

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    Review: Civil War II #1

    Review: Civil War II #1

    Civil War II #1With the movie based off the last Civil War event heading toward $1 billion worldwide gross, it makes sense that Marvel would try to capitalize on that success with a sequel. While the first Civil War pitted the original Captain America, Steve Rogers against Iron Man, the conflict in Civil War II is between factions led by Iron Man and Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers.

    When the Inhumans discover a young man named Ulysses that has the ability to see the future through horrifying visions, they take him under their tutelage to help him reign in his abilities. Captain Marvel’s plan is to use Ulysses’ abilities to see future crimes and apprehend criminals before they have the opportunity to commit them.

    Tony Stark is dead set against the idea from the start. He believes that it is in itself criminal to punish wrongdoers before they have actually committed crimes, and that the inadvertent repercussions of changing the future will do great harm.

    When Captain Marvel recruits a few members of Tony Stark’s team to go on one of these “Change The Future” missions, tragedy strikes. While the catalyst in the original Civil War was a massive event that left hundreds of victims, this time around, it’s one casualty that strikes a very personal blow to Tony Stark.

    Brian Michael Bendis does a commendable job setting up the story, introducing events and characters in such a way that will keep longtime Marvel readers happy, but will also not leave casual or new readers behind. David Marquez delivers both dynamic action sequences in two page spreads and tender emotional moments in tight panels.

    Beside the obvious fact that many of the characters are the same as in the original Civil War, the only similarity between the stories is that there is no correct answer. The conflict is a matter of perspective. So, whose side are you on this time? Protect The Future with Team Iron Man or Change The Future with Team Captain Marvel.

    Civil War II #1, published June 1, 2016, writer: Brian Michael Bendis, artist: David Marquez, color: Justin Ponsor, letters: Clayton Cowles, $5.39

    Review by Brendan Allen

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    Carol Danvers Stars as Captain Marvel in New Series This July

    Captain Marvel #1 at TFAW.comMs. Marvel has a distinguished career–she’s served as a solo hero and is a long-time member of the Avengers. This July, Carol Danvers leaves the Ms. Marvel identity behind and becomes the eponymous protagonist of the new Captain Marvel series by Kelly Sue DeConnick (Castle: Deadly Storm, Osborn) and artist Dexter Soy (Army of Two).

    She’s back! The “Mightiest” of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! Ace pilot. Legendary Avenger. 100% pure bad-a$$. Carol Danvers has a new name, a new mission . . . and all the power she needs to make her life a living hell.

    “I want this to be a book about optimism, about exceeding even our own expectations, about the power of possibility and the seeming magic of flight. C’mon now, people: prove me wrong. Show me that a female-led book about the power of the human spirit [and] the many guises of heroism . . . can break six issues, won’t you?”

    -Kelly Sue DeConnick on Captain Marvel


    Are you a Carol Danvers fan? Been looking forward to a female-led book by a female creator since X-23 disappeared from the shelves? What do you think about Kelly Sue’s new Captain Marvel series? Let us know below.

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