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    Check it Out: Doc Bizarre MD Five-Page Preview

    Doc Bizarre MDIn stock now! Make sure to check out the new Doc Bizarre M.D. hardcover from Image Comics. This hilarious, action-packed adventure by Joe Casey (Vengeance, Haunt) and Andy Suriano (Batman The Brave and The Bold) is chock-full of supernatural medical mysteries, and you can preview it here at TFAW.com!

    For monsters crippled with pneumonia or demons suffering from incontinence, only one man claims to possess the skills and the training to cure what ails them . . . Doc Bizarre, M.D.

    He’ll make globe-hopping house calls for sick creepers, medically challenged myths, and ghouls at death’s door! It’s over-the-top, comedic horror from Joe Casey and Andy Suriano!



    What did you think? Post your comments below!

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    Roger Langridge Talks About Snarked!

    Snarked #0 at TFAW.comAlways on the hunt for a great all-ages title to check out, I was excited to see Snarked! in this month’s new offerings.

    The introductory issue, Snarked #0, features an all-original eight-page story featuring “The Walrus and The Carpenter” from Through the Looking Glass, the same Walrus that inspired the Beatles song “I Am the Walrus.” The issue also includes a full issue’s worth of back matter that dives deep into the world of Snarked! with an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the new series.

    We were lucky enough to get the chance to chat about this new Kaboom! title with Harvey Award-winning creator Roger Langridge, who’s both providing the art and writing for the book.

    TFAW.com: Hi Roger! Can you introduce us to Snarked?

    Roger Langridge: Snarked! is a story set in a Lewis Carroll-inspired world, though not directly adapted from any existing Carroll works–it’s more that I’ve got a story of my own which I’m filling with characters I’ve freely plundered from his books.

    The main protagonists are the Walrus and the Carpenter, a couple of charming con-men, and a young Red Queen, Queen Scarlett (who is eight years old in our story) and her little brother Rusty. They’re thrust together very much against their will in order to go on a quest–to rescue Scarlett and Rusty’s missing father, the Red King–in the face of whatever wacky, Carroll-themed obstacle I can throw at them.

    TFAW.com: Why did you choose “The Walrus and the Carpenter” from Through the Looking-Glass?

    Langridge: I love working with those kinds of double-acts–the intelligent, not-entirely-scrupulous one and the dim, guileless sidekick. That dynamic goes right back to my first published characters, Art d’Ecco and the Gump, and on through Doctor Sputnik and Spud. The Walrus and the Carpenter are the latest to follow in that tradition. It’s such great fun to write those character dynamics.

    TFAW.com: How did you handle the challenge of creating an ongoing series from a poem?

    Langridge: Well, as I say, it’s an original story, with characters cherry-picked from the works of Lewis Carroll, so it wasn’t as if the poem was my only starting point–it was one ingredient in a soup of ideas that had been swilling around in my head for a while. Snarked! is more like three distinct concepts that I mashed together and found (to my happy surprise) that they kind of worked better that way.

    Snarked preview pencilsSnarked preview inksSnarked preview inksTFAW.com: What influenced your visual look for these characters, and their world?

    Langridge: I wanted to try and avoid directly riffing off any existing interpretations of Carroll’s characters and make things look as stylistically “Langridge” as I could–which means filtered through my usual influences; old-style comedy, British humour cartooning, old American newspaper strips and so on.

    The nice thing about Carroll’s characters is that they’ve withstood multiple visual interpretations over the decades–from the definitive Sir John Tenniel versions through Arthur Rackham, Walt Disney, Ralph Steadman and all the rest. So I felt pretty free to reinterpret things my own way without feeling that I was compromising the spirit of the characters–those many interpretations are a part of the characters now.

    TFAW.com: In the poem, the Walrus and the Carpenter are master manipulators, charming oysters right into their gullets. Will they be as disreputable in Snarked?

    Langridge: Ooh, yes. Con-men, thieves and scoundrels. Though they may just surprise us every now and then…

    TFAW.com: What can you tell us about Princess Scarlett and Prince Rusty?

    Langridge: Princess Scarlett–who pretty quickly becomes Queen Scarlett–is eight years old. Both she and her young brother Rusty have been trained for monarchy since birth, but Rusty is really too young to grasp what it’s all about; Scarlett, on the other hand, is used to being treated like the royalty she is, and doesn’t mind letting you know about it.

    It’s her steely determination and ability to bend others to her will that are really the engine of the story–she gets the quest off and running. Rusty, a pre-verbal tot, is happy to tag along with his big sister–though his penchant for wandering off and getting into trouble causes complications right from the start.

    TFAW.com: Will there be any other references to Through the Looking-Glass or Alice in Wonderland?

    Langridge: There’ll be other characters from Carroll’s works popping up, yes–not just from the Alice books, but (as the title suggests) from The Hunting of the Snark as well.

    TFAW.com: You’ve been the pen behind several critically acclaimed kid-friendly comics, including The Muppet Show and Thor: The Mighty Avenger. What keeps drawing you to this material?

    Langridge: People keep asking! I guess I’ve found a niche, which I’m happy to occupy–I have two kids myself, one a daughter who’s eight years old and one a son who’s a few years younger. (And people wonder where I get my ideas from!) It feels right at this stage of my career to be creating work that I can share with them.

    Apart from the personal connection, I believe it’s important that comics for every type of reader should exist–it’s vital to the long-term health of the comics medium–and I’m committed to the idea of quality kids’ comics that don’t talk down to their readers. I believe these kinds of comics are important.

    TFAW.com: With Thor: The Mighty Avenger, Chris Samnee took on the art duties. Here, you’re pulling double duty again. Which do you prefer?

    Langridge: They both have their appeal! I do like being responsible for the whole package, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed writing for other artists. I never expected that I would like it half as much as I did. I see no reason not to continue to have my cake and eat it too.

    TFAW.com: Do you have any other projects in the works for BOOM!’s Kaboom! line?

    Langridge: Not right now, I don’t. My current workload is keeping me working at full capacity. I like to sleep now and again; I’m old-fashioned that way!

    We want to thank Roger for taking time out of his busy work schedule to talk to us about Snarked!. The book sounds (and looks) like loads of fun and you can’t beat a $1.00 introductory price ($0.80 when you pre-order at TFAW.com)!



    What do you think about this exciting all-ages comic book series? I know a certain 2-year-old who will be getting a copy from her dad in August. Post your comments below!

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    Chris Roberson Takes Us on a Trip to Melniboné–An Elric Interview

    FCBD 2011 ElricOne of the most exciting books that I picked up on Free Comic Book Day this year was Elric: The Balance Lost #0.

    If your local comics shop ran out before you could pick up a copy, or you weren’t one of the lucky few to get this issue randomly included with your FCBD TFAW order, you’re in luck! Our friends at BOOM! Studios have granted us permission to display the entire issue as an Elric: The Balance Lost #0 First Look preview.

    Go ahead and take a few minutes to read the story, and then come back here to check out our interview with Elric writer Chris Roberson!

    TFAW.com: Hi Chris, how did you come to work on this project?

    Chris Roberson: The series had its genesis in 2009 at San Diego Comic-Con, when during a very late-night conversation, Matt Gagnon of BOOM! Studios and I discovered our mutual love for the novels of Michael Moorcock. A few months later Matt approached me about writing a prequel comic to Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and he and the rest of the team at BOOM! liked what I came up with.

    Early in 2010, Matt called me up to ask whether I thought Moorcock might be interested in the idea of original comics based on his characters and concepts. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Mike personally over the last few years, thanks in large part to our geographic proximity (I live in Austin, not far from the Bastrop home where Mike spends a large part of every year). I said that it couldn’t hurt to ask! So I emailed Mike, put him in touch with Matt and the folks at BOOM!, and a short while later they asked me to start putting together a proposal.

    I have been a huge fan of Mike’s work since I first discovered a copy of Count Brass in my high school library, a quarter of a century ago. Every few years I go on a big Moorcock reading jag, and it’s only been a couple of years since I sat down and reread virtually everything that Mike has ever published.

    Elric FCBD #0 Page 1 pencilsElric FCBD #0 Page 1 pencilsTFAW.com: Can you tell us a bit about who Elric is, and his home of Melniboné?

    CR: The Melnibonéans are a race that existed long before the rise of man, who dominated the world for long ages from the backs of their dragons. But the dragons are all asleep now, and the world has come to be dominated by the humans of the Young Kingdoms, leaving Melniboné dreaming of its former glory.

    Elric, the last emperor of Melniboné, is doomed to carry the cursed sword Stormbringer, and even though the black blade gives him life and sustenance, it comes at the cost of blood and souls, including those who Elric cherishes most. Elric is just one incarnation of the Eternal Champion, a hero who is fated to serve the Balance in the many worlds of the Multiverse, sometimes fighting on the side of Law, sometimes on the side of Chaos.

    TFAW.com: What’s your favorite part about working in the world that Moorcock has created?

    CR: Well, more than anything, Moorcock’s view of the multiverse is just a fantastic engine for telling stories in any conceivable environment, on the one hand, and for exploring ideas and philosophies, on the other.

    One of the key aspects of Moorcock’s cosmology is the notion of an eternal struggle between Law and Chaos. In the more fantastical settings, this plays out as a literal war between supernatural powers on either side, with gods, demons, and demiurges directing the movement of human agents like chess pieces moving across the board. But in the more mundane settings, stories set in what is effectively the “real” world, this same tension between Law and Chaos plays out, but more often as philosophical tendencies that push characters one way or the other.

    TFAW.com: Speaking of Law and Chaos, can you tell us a little about how that will play out in this series?

    CR: Readers should note that “Law and Chaos” are not simply synonyms for “Good and Evil.” There is not a moral component to that struggle, at least not in any objective sense. Law and Chaos are simply two different ways of approaching the universe, and the heroes in Moorcock’s novels can often find themselves fighting on one side or the other, and sometimes both or neither!

    TFAW.com: Elric’s sword, the Stormbringer, is a supernatural weapon that feeds on the blood and souls of its victims. It powers Elric, yet it also acts like a curse. Are you planning on exploring the turmoil Elric has faced as a result of using the black blade?

    CR: Yes. Yes, we will.

    TFAW.com: Are you planning on delving into Elric’s storied past at all?

    Elric FCBD #0 Page 1 pencilsElric FCBD #0 Page 2 pencilsCR: A bit, here and there, but the main focus of attention will be on what happens next. Elric’s past has been well documented in Moorcock’s various novels and stories, and it would be a little overwhelming for newcomers to the character to be inundated with too much backstory. But there are definite parallels between Elric’s experiences and those of the new Eternal Champion we’re meeting in The Balance Lost, a man named Eric Beck who lives in what is essentially our world.

    TFAW.com: You’re right, Moorcock has written many amazing novels that readers have been able to explore. How will new readers be brought up to speed in this series?

    CR: The trick is to give just enough information about the characters and the concepts to get new readers up to speed, without boring all of the longtime readers with stuff they already know. Based on my own experiences coming into long-running comic, TV, and novel series when I was younger, I don’t think new readers need to know everything. They just need to know the basics, enough to understand who the characters are in general terms and what the basic conflict is. Reading to find out more is one of the things that keeps it interesting!

    TFAW.com: Earlier you had mentioned the Multiverse and how it give you a lot of room to create some great stories. How are you planning on bringing the other Eternal Champions into the fold?

    CR: In The Balance Lost, Elric is one of several incarnations of the Eternal Champion who become involved in a war that spans worlds, as powerful forces attempt to upset the balance of Law and Chaos forever.

    The series actually takes place across a series of different worlds, some of which will be familiar from the Eternal Champion stories, some of which are drawn from other novels and stories of Moorcock, and some of which are being seen here for the first time.

    And the cast is huge, mixing familiar and not-so-familiar faces. In addition to our three main characters–Elric, Hawkmoon, and Corum–we’ll be meeting two new incarnations of the Eternal Champion, one of whom was mentioned once but never seen in Moorcock’s novels, and the aforementioned Eric Beck, who is original to this series.

    TFAW.com: How did Francesco Biagini and Benjamin Carre become involved with the series? Can you tell us about some of the artwork that you’ve seen so far?

    CR: I have to admit that I wasn’t familiar with Francesco’s work before he was attached to Elric: The Balance Lost, but as soon as I saw the character designs he’d submitted I knew he was perfect for the job. And the pages he’s been turning in have been amazing. As for Benjamin Carre, if you’ve seen his covers with the solicitations, I think they speak for themselves! Add them both together, and I think I can say with confidence that this book is going to look great.

    Elric FCBD #0 Page 3 pencilsElric FCBD #0 Page 3 pencilsTFAW.com: Who’s going to dig this series the most? What other titles would you say they’re reading right now?

    CR: Well, I hope that longtime fans of Moorcock will recognize the characters and concepts that they’ve come to love over the years, and that newcomers will hopefully be inspired by the series to go and read Moorcock’s novels for themselves. And that everyone, longtime fans and newcomers alike, enjoys the comics series in its own right!

    As for what other titles those readers might be enjoying right now? That’s a very good question, and one I’m not sure I have a good answer for. The various worlds across which the story takes place are all quite different, and so the series will read for the first arc or two almost like a mashup of different genres and styles. So readers of Dark Horse’s Conan titles would potentially find a lot to like here, but so would readers of Hellboy, or Fables, or The Walking Dead, or any of dozens of other great books on the stands.

    We want to thank Chris for taking time out of his busy work schedule to talk to us about Elric: The Balance Lost.

    Elric The Balance Lost #1 at TFAW.com ORDER YOUR COPY OF ELRIC #1 TODAY!


    Did you dig the FCBD Elric issue as much as I did? Looking forward to what Roberson and the rest of the BOOM! crew bring in July? Post your comments below!

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    Dynamite Previews: Vampire Huntress, Sherlock Holmes Year One, & More

    Dynamite Entertainment has kept the sneak peeks coming with a look at these titles! We have comic book previews of four new comics: Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal Son #5, Green Hornet: Year One #9, LA Banks’ Vampire Huntress #3 The Hidden Darkness, and Sherlock Holmes: Year One #3. Do you want to see the first four or five pages? Just click one of the covers.

    Dean Koontz's Frankenstein
    Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein: Prodigal Son vol. 2 #5
    Green Hornet: Year One #9
    Green Hornet: Year One #9
    LA BAnks' Vampire Huntress #3
    LA Banks’ Vampire Huntress #3 The Hidden Darkness
    Sherlock Holmes: Year One #3
    Sherlock Homes: Year One #3



    Are you a Dynamite fan? Do you like the classic crime fighters? Post your comments below!

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    Dynamite Previews: Vampirella, Warlord of Mars, Kato & More

    Dynamite Entertainment has sent us more sneak peeks of titles coming out this week! We have comic book previews of four new comics: Vampirella #4, Warlord of Mars #5, Last Phantom #5, and Kato Origins: Way of the Ninja #7. Check out the first four or five pages of these brand-spanking-new comics!

    Vampirella #5
    Vampirella #5
    Warlord of Mars #5
    Warlord of Mars #5
    Last Phantom #5
    Last Phantom #5
    Kato Origins: Way of the Ninja #7
    Kato Origins: Way of the Ninja #7



    Have you been enjoying the reboot of Vampirella? What Dynamite titles do you read? Post your comments below!

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    More Great Comic Book Previews From Dynamite Entertainment

    Dynamite Entertainment and TFAW are hooking you up again! We have comic book previews of three new titles on sale now: Red Sonja: Revenge of the Gods #1, Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #1 and Garth Ennis: Jennifer Blood #2. We’re giving you four to five pages right off the bat to check out these warrior women; all you gotta do is click on a cover!

    Red Sonja Revenge of the Gods #1
    Red Sonja: Revenge of the Gods #1
    Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #1
    Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #1
    Garth Ennis: Jennifer Blood #2
    Garth Ennis: Jennifer Blood #2

    Who read Garth Ennis: Jennifer Blood #1? Are you going to follow it with issue #2? Are you psyched to see Red Sonja fight Loki? Do you think that there are enough strong female characters in comics? What’s YOUR favorite Dynamite title?

    We want to know what you think. We’re TFAW, and we’re here for ya! Post your comments below!

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    New Comic Book Previews From Dynamite Entertainment

    Thanks to the fine folks at Dynamite Entertainment, we have comic book previews of five new titles that are on sale tomorrow: Boys #51, Garth Ennis: Jennifer Blood #1, Green Hornet Year One #8, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: Eye of the World #8, and Vampirella #3. We’ve got four to five preview pages of each, so check ’em out below!

    Boys #51
    Boys #51
    Garth Ennis: Jennifer's Blood #1
    Garth Ennis: Jennifer Blood #1
    Green Hornet Year One #8
    Green Hornet Year One #8
    Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time: Eye of the World #8
    Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: Eye of the World #8
    Vampirella #3
    Vampirella #3

    What do you think? Jennifer Blood, with its suburban-mom-by-day, vigilante-by-night setup, seems like classic Ennis. Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: Eye of the World comics adapt Jordan’s very popular novel, which has sold more than 44 million copies (if you missed it the first time around, be sure the check out the Wheel of Time concept art we posted in 2009). Green Hornet Year One takes a different approach than this winter’s movie, telling period adventures of the original Green Hornet!

    I’m digging Russ Braun’s art in The Boys #51 (also by Garth Ennis)–what do you think? Also, Vampirella‘s new series has been pretty popular so far–although I noticed she’s in plainclothes here.

    Are you going to check these out? Post your comments below!

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    Exclusive 22-page First Look of Chew Vol. 3: Just Desserts

    Chew Vol. 3 at TFAW.comWe’re really excited to announce our exclusive 22-page first look preview of Chew Vol. 3: Just Desserts!

    Things are looking up for Tony Chu, the cibopathic federal agent with the ability to get psychic impressions from the things he eats. He’s got a girlfriend. He’s got a partner he trusts. He even seems to be getting along with his jerk boss. But his ruthless ex-partner is still out there, operating outside of the law, intending to make good on his threats against Tony and everybody Tony cares about. It’s just a matter of time before their investigations collide, blood spills and—inevitably—body parts are eaten.

    You gotta check out this comic series about cops, crooks, cooks, cannibals and clairvoyants (which also won the Eisner Award for Best New Series this year, BTW). It’s definitely my favorite ongoing series right now.


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    Exclusive 9-Page Preview of Hack/Slash Trailers Part 2

    Tim Seeley backs his artists 100%. So much so that he’s actually paid past artists for Hack/Slash (his often-hilarious, always gory slasher-hunter comic) out of his own pocket!

    Now Hack/Slash is at Image Comics and reaching a much wider audience, after the very popular Hack/Slash: My First Maniac miniseries. And for his next trick, Seeley has come up with a very creative way to pay off the debt left over from his altruism: he’s put together Hack/Slash Trailers Part 2, an anthology comic featuring stories by some of the hottest names in the industry!

    Fortunately for us (and you), Image has shared an exclusive nine-page preview of Hack/Slash Trailers Part 2. Check out one page from the following nine stories: “Too Cute” (Dennis Hopeless, Kyle Strahm, and Buster Moody), “Campfire Stories” (Scott Allie and Todd Herman), “Equal Opportunity Executioner” (Rus Wooton), “Malice in Wunderland” (Shane White and Dev Madan), “Blood on the Dance Floor” (Kevin Mellon), “Wallow in Death” (Mike Oliveri), “Home, Home on Derange” (Steve Seeley and Jenny Frison), “Deadbeats” (Gail Simone and Chris Moreno), and “Psyche” (J. Torres and Joe Song).

    Check it out below!

    “Too Cute” (Dennis Hopeless, Kyle Strahm, and Buster Moody)“Campfire Stories” (Scott Allie and Todd Herman)“Equal Opportunity Executioner” (Rus Wooton)

    “Malice in Wunderland” (Shane White and Dev Madan)“Blood on the Dance Floor” (Kevin Mellon)“Wallow in Death” (Mike Oliveri)

    “Home, Home on Derange” (Steve Seeley and Jenny Frison)“Deadbeats” (Gail Simone and Chris Moreno)“Psyche” (J. Torres and Joe Song)

    Like what you see here? Pick up Hack/Slash Trailers Part 2 this week and support Seeley and his awesome artists! Live in the Portland metro area? Come to our signing and meet Tim Seeley, Scott Allie, and Shane White and get your copy of Hack/Slash Trailers Part 2 signed by all three of them Tuesday, January 4–while enjoying complimentary food and beer (with valid ID).

    Are you a fan of Hack/Slash? Are you looking forward to this anthology? Post your comments below!

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    NEW! Exclusive 22-Page Preview of Existence 2.0/3.0

    Existence 2.0/3.0Try before you buy! Image Comics just sent us an exclusive 22-page preview of Existence 2.0/3.0, collecting both Existence 2.0 and Existence 3.0 in one amazing trade paperback, out this Wednesday, August 25. WARNING: This preview contains language and images meant for readers 18 and older.

    The breakout hit of last summer is finally collected in one volume! In Existence 2.0, self-absorbed physicist Sylvester Baladine finds his consciousness transferred into the body of the hit man who just killed him. In Existence 3.0, it’s corporate warfare like you’ve never seen as the only living prototype of the consciousness transfer process fights to survive against a wild variety of deadly threats!

    Now you can read the first issue of what G4’s Blair Butler calls,”The Wanted of 2009!”

    Did you read Existence last summer? Post your comments below!



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    Exclusive Video Preview: BB Wolf and the Three LPs

    Exclusive Video Preview: BB Wolf and the Three LPs!

    You read about JD Arnold and Rich Koslowski’s collaboration on BB Wolf and the Howlers: The Lost Recordings in our awesome interview. Now you can listen to their track “Rip It Up!” while checking out our exclusive video preview of BB Wolf and the Three LPs:

    BB Wolf and the Three LPs



    Questions? Comments? Post them below!

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    Extended Previews of The Crusades & GØDLAND Celestial Edition

    Godland Celestial Edition
    The Crusades: Knight

    Happy Thursday, everyone! If you need a reading break today, be sure to check out our extended previews of the GØDLAND Celestial Edition Vol. 2 HC and The Crusades Book 1: Knight HC, sent exclusively to us from Image Comics.

    Read the first 22 pages of GØDLAND Celestial Edition Vol. 2 HC and catch up on the cosmic adventures of Commander Adam Archer, Maxim, Basil Cronus, Nickelhead and more!

    This surreal, Eisner-nominated, Kirby-inspired epic is almost impossible to describe, but fortunately, you can read a substantial chunk of it yourself. While you’re at it, read our interview with series creator Joe Casey to get the inside scoop on this psychedelic series.

    You can also read the first 24 pages of The Crusades Book 1: Knight HC, by Steven T. Seagle and Kelley Jones. Warning! This preview contains language and images that are meant for readers 18 and older. This is the first of two skull-crushing, re-mastered volumes collecting (for the first time) the macabre Vertigo crime series, so check it out now!

    Are you a fan of The Crusades or GØDLAND? Post your comments below!

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