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    Dragon Age: Knight Errant #1 Brings us back to Kirkwood

    Those familiar with the Dragon Age series know that the world of Thedas has a rich undercurrent of stories that are just waiting to be told, and one such tale is the subject of Dragon Age: Knight Errant #1. Even if you haven’t played through the popular Bioware franchise, this comic stands up on its own merits. While there are elements that people who are completely new to the world will not understand fully, I have hope that the subtle storytelling of the writers will integrate the information in later issues to better introduce new readers to their world. For long-time fans of the series, there are several nods to previous events in the games and to the first comics miniseries by Dark Horse, Magekiller.

    Dragon Age: Knight Errant #1

    In the latest team-up between Bioware and Dark Horse comics, Dragon Age fans are introduced to a young rogue named Vaea. Vaea is squire to the much venerated knight Ser Aaron Hawthorne, who is drunk not just on wine, but also on his imaginings of his own glory. However, Vaea is more than just a simple servant to the grandiose man; she is also an elf motivated by the plight of her people. Using Ser Hawthorne’s influence to travel, Vaea steals in order to share with the disenfranchised elves who are sequestered in the alienages of Thedas.

    Dragon Age: Knight Errant #1 Sees Many Popular Characters Return

    We first meet Vaea as she and her patron are on their way to Kirkwood to visit fan favorite Varric Tethras as he’s on the edge of being appointed Viscount of the troubled city. While Ser Hawthorne is busy spinning drunken tales to a party held in Varric’s honor, Vaea sneaks out to meet up with a former Templar named Ser Nevin Faramore. Faramore had worked directly for Knight Commander Meredith before she was destroyed by Red Lyrium at the end of the second Dragon Age video game.

    Faramore hires Vaea to sneak into the Gallows to retrieve a box of treasures that Commander Meredith had hidden before her death, to which only he possesses the only key. What follows reveals Vaea’s true character as she instead steals the key away from Faramore in order to bring the treasure to the elves of Kirkwood.

    Vaea’s Robin Hood-esque endeavors don’t go unnoticed, however. Almost immediately, Varric shows interest in the woman, quickly recognizing that she is up to more than she seems and giving her the nickname of “Fingers.” Vaea is also approached by a mysterious woman, who insinuates that Vaea has stumbled into a situation much larger than she had originally bargained for through veiled threats about the Inquisition.

    Politics and Action Combine in Dragon Age: Knight Errant #1

    This story promises to explore the schism between elves and humans in the world of Thedas, a schism that has been the source of unending strife since the beginning of the franchise. In one scene, the reader is shown a blithely racist conversation happening amongst a bunch of well-to-do humans while Vaea has to placidly stand by. In addition to this, there are conversations about slavery, poverty, and the wars that have marred the landscapes of Thedas for generations.

    Whether you’re a long time fan of Dragon Age or completely new to the series, this comic is engaging and lures you deeper into the world that Bioware has made for their incredible games. While this first issue is peripheral to the main storyline of the series, the overall tale hints that it will reveal some secrets left over after the end of the last game.

    Between the compelling new characters and at least one returning fan favorite, Dragon Age: Knight Errant #1 will draw you deeper into Kirkwood and the dangers that hide in its shadows.

    Hungry for more Dragon Age products? We’ve got playing cards, graphic novels, patches, and more!

    Dragon Age: Knight Errant #1, Dark Horse, Released May 10th, 2017, Writer: Nunzio DeFilippis, Christina Weir, Artist: Fernando Heinz Furukawa, Colorist: Michael Atiyeh, Cover Artist: Sachin Teng, $3.99

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    Review: The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition

    the art of dragon age inquisitionThe Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition gives a detailed insight into how the defining aspects of the game came to be. The book illustrates how much time and thought was put into every part of the game. From countless iterations of character designs, to complex and beautiful landscapes, the Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition gives a behind the scenes look at game design.

    As solely a coffee table art book, The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition serves its purpose very well. The art is beautiful and unique, and gives an insight into a mysterious world. The finished pieces of art are incredible, but what I found more fascinating was all the trial and error work that went into creating the final pieces. For any given character model, sculpture, or piece of scenery there are twenty or more different iterations that were tried. What was more impressive still is that they were not quick sketches. Rather, they were fully fleshed out, intricately detailed and colored models of the given character or object. I was impressed at the level of detail that went into each drawing, even though all but one or two got scrapped.

    I was particularly impressed by the characters. The artists were able to completely change or reform a character by adding the tiniest details. The slight curvature of the jaw, the placement and angle of the eyes, the stance and posture of the character. These are just a few examples of relatively prominent details that define a character. All that is without even delving into the character’s clothing and how drastically that changes the character. I never realized just how important the dress of a character is. Especially headdress. What the character is wearing, or not wearing on their head has a large impact on one’s first impressions of the character.

    In the book, most of the iterations of the main character are just various helmets and hats on the same character. However, the artists of Dragon Age: Inquisition do not fall short in designing very cool armor and clothing as well. The characters were not all human either. As with any good RPG, there were incredible amounts of cool, and often horrifying and gruesome creatures and demons. I was sad that I hadn’t played the game, if nothing else than for the chance to fight some of the creatures.

    The world of Dragon Age contains plenty of cool objects and gadgets. From terrifying battering rams, to intricately detailed idols and statues, much of the world of Dragon Age was defined by the objects and scenery within it. Every object, from cabinets to tapestries to carpets, was carefully designed to reflect its particular atmosphere. Similar to the character design, it was the small things that made each piece unique. One thing that surprised me was how much of the scenery seemed to be inspired by the religion of that area. It is described within the book how religion was used as a stepping stone when designing the small intricacies that accentuated the overall tone of the object or area.

    Although the architecture was definitely impressive, I found that many of the buildings and areas were very familiar. Because I had seen them, or things similar to them in other games. The dreary broken down castle, the enamored golden city, the grand halls. All of these are common in almost any medieval RPG, however Dragon Age didn’t seem to make them unique to that world. Granted, there are always exceptions, and I found some pieces of architecture in the book that were quite extraordinary. The natural locations were much stronger. Intricate and creepy cave systems, rolling hills, hidden valleys and more. While many of these are stereotypical, they all seemed unique, and reflected the atmosphere of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition is a high quality, detailed art book that provides an excellent look into the making of the game, and the final result. It gave me a much better appreciation for the amount of work that is put into the art of a game, and how large an impact that art has on the final game. The artwork in this book has inspired me to continue forming my own fantasy world, and given me insight into how much more I have to do.

    The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition, published by Dark Horse, November 18, 2014.

    Review by Ben Getchell.

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    October Product Review Contest Winners Announced!

    Wow! Thanks to everyone who submitted amazing product reviews last month. As part of our monthly Product Review Contest, we’ve picked people who submitted product reviews and are awarding $25 gift certificates to the people who posted them.

    Nate from Longview, WA is the first of this month’s winners. Here’s his review for Saga TPB Vol. 01:

    I’m late to the party, so I picked up the TPB and found out what everybody else has known for months. The characters are amazing and the creativity of the art is stellar! Get on board this book asap !

    Robert from Cartagena, Colombia also wrote a review that caught our eye. His
    review of Rachel Rising: Shadow Of Death TPB Vol. 01 was short, but it got us interested in the book:

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one. I picked it up based on Terry Moore’s name alone and I don’t regret it for a second. Quirky, humorous, mysterious. The list goes on. This is a series I’ll be following for sure.

    Amber from Hedgesville, WV wrote this review last month of Dark Horse’s Dragon Age: Those Who Speak #2.

    As with the previous comics, the artwork is colorful and vibrant and really brings these characters to life. It was nice to see some development in the character of Isabela, as she had seemed somewhat one-dimensional, shallow and selfish up until now. Can’t wait to see how this story unfolds!

    Thanks so much to everyone to everyone who wrote reviews last month. You’re helping people decide what to read (or not to read) next.

    So submit your reviews and help your fellow collectors, and us, sort out the “HOT” from the “NOT”! Who knows, you may be one of next month’s winners.

    It’s simple! Just visit any product page and look for this:

    Click on it and our product review form will appear in a popup. Just fill out the pertinent information and submit your review, and you’re done! We’ll take a look at your review and get it up on the product page soon thereafter!

    There’s also a really easy way for you to call up everything you’ve ever ordered from us and review it. Simply log in to your account and go into the Order History Section. Next to each item, you’ll see a “Review it!” link.

    Questions? Comments? Let us know below!

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    Comic Book Reviews: Hit Girl, Game of Thrones, Batman Dark Knight

    Watch Video Reviews of This Week’s Comics!

    Hey everyone! We’re coming at you with comic book reviews of Hit-Girl #1, Batman The Dark Knight #10, the Game of Thrones HC Vol. 1, and the Dragon Age II: Flemeth Dragon Statue that just arrived this week.

    Check out the video, below. SPOILER ALERT! We try not to go into too much detail in our reviews, but occasionally a spoiler slips through!

    Hit-Girl #1



    We’ve made it simple to share this video on Facebook and other social media outlets with the social networking buttons near the title. If you wouldn’t mind doing us a solid and sharing this video with your friends, we’d be eternally grateful. What should we review next week? Post your comments below and we’ll see what we can do!

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    SDCC ’11: Felicia Day Dragon Age Web Series Panel

    Watch out! Creator/writer/star of The Guild has a new project: a Dragon Age web series due out this fall based on the popular BioWare game! We caught her panel at SDCC ’11, below:

    Felicia Day The Guild

    If you’re at Comic-Con, make sure to visit us at booth #5625 to get 50% off a raft of incredible graphic novels, plus save big on toys, statues, and more!




    What do you want to see next? Post your comments below!

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    May Product Review Contest Winners

    Every month, we choose a few outstanding product reviewers and send them free stuff as part of our Product Review Contest. After poring through some amazing product reviews from May’s submissions, we narrowed the field to three victors.

    Derek from Georgia reviewed the Blackest Night Kyle Rayner Action Figure and here’s what he had to say.

    This action figure is the best one for Kyle Rayner out there. The head moves and so do the arms shoulders, hips and knees. It is well constructed and very detailed. A big problem with this figure is that the battery that comes with him is not his, it is a generic green lantern battery. This is a huge oversight and it makes me very unhappy with the quality control people at DC. The battery isn’t even pictured with Kyle in the advertisement which leads me to believe that they knew about the mistake and did not change it anyway.

    Stephanie from Chicago reviewed the specially priced first issue of I, Zombie.

    Here’s what she had to say about the issue:
    I thought this was a great start for a zombie series. I love the tragic zombie hero Gwen Dylan who hates what she is but in order to keep herself sane and not go (as she likes to put it) “All Night of the Living Dead” on everyone she must do what it takes yeah and eat a brain here and there. Not a desirable life but it’s her deadish life, lol. I also like the different characters and the assortment of supernatural characters in this comic book. You have a go-go dancer ghost,a were-terrier,paintball-blasting vampires and I’m sure more to come in the next two comic books 🙂 Not to mention the cover is absolutely fabulously freaky! Love it! Since I am such a zombie fan I do suggest this to those zombie lovers out there and completely enjoyed my first comic book experience! Thanks!

    And Joey from Dubuque, IA wrote a really good review for the first issue of Dragon Age.

    This comic is a good beginning to the dragon age comic series. With Orson Scott Card as one of the writers it can only go up from here! I highly reccomend checking it out. The art is great, the story is compelling, and the subject matter, although familiar, has a breath of fresh air being baseed on the Dragon Age Game.

    All three of this month’s winners will get $25 TFAW gift certificates to pick up anything they want! Thank you to everybody who submitted product reviews last month and congratulations to the winners.

    As always, we’re choosing our product reviews carefully, so please don’t submit duplicate reviews or submissions from other merchant websites. You don’t have to like the product to snag a winning review, so feel free to rant or gush.

    So submit your reviews and help your fellow collectors, and us, sort out the “HOT” from the “NOT”! Who knows, you may be one of next month’s winners.

    It’s simple! Just visit any product page and look for this:

    Click on it and our product review form will appear in a popup. Just fill out the pertinent information and submit your review, and you’re done! We’ll take a look at your review and get it up on the product page soon thereafter!

    There’s also a really easy way for you to call up everything you’ve ever ordered from us and review it. Simply log in to your account and go into the Order History Section. Next to each item, you’ll see a “Review it!” link.

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