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    Review: Doctor Who 10th Ltd Ed Vol 1: Revolutions of Terror

    doctor who 10th ltd edition Vol 1 - Revolutions of TerrorDoctor Who has captured the minds and hearts of a worldwide audience since 1963, when William Hartnell first debuted on the BBC as a renegade Time Lord from Gallifrey, known only as “The Doctor.” The Doctor’s mission is to explore the universe in a stolen TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) and fight off alien adversaries while protecting people in need.

    When Hartnell was physically unable to continue shooting the series in 1966, producers introduced the idea of “regeneration,” a process by which Time Lords are reborn, undergoing a change of appearance and personality when they are old, grievously injured, or dying. This regeneration process has allowed the producers to recast the main character twelve times and allows for each new actor’s interpretation of the role without paradox.

    Doctor Who 10th TPB Vol. 1 Revolutions of Terror collects Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1-5, including two story arcs, Revolutions of Terror (#1-3) and The Arts In Space (#4-5).

    The first story in this book, Revolutions of Terror, picks up in the tenth Doctor’s timeline right after the television two-part episode The End of Time, where the Doctor has left behind his companion Donna Noble for her own safety and sanity. The Doctor finds himself in Brooklyn, investigating unusual activity involving psychic alien parasites that have entered this dimension via an open portal in a laundromat.

    Enter Gabriella “Gabby” Gonzales. Gabby is from a traditional Mexican family who own and operate the laundromat. Gabby is the wild child of her family. Her father wants her to take over the family legacy, but Gabriella wants to be an artist. When Gabby catches Ten sneaking around the family business, she interrogates him about his intent, then jumps at the chance to help The Doctor. She will take just about any opportunity to free herself from the drudgery of daily existence in the laundromat.

    In the second story, The Arts In Space, The Doctor rewards Gabby for her invaluable assistance in Brooklyn by offering her “just one trip” anywhere in space and time aboard the TARDIS. With all of space and time laid before her, Gabby chooses the biggest and best art gallery in the universe, the No-Gallery of Ouloumos. Ten is a friend of the artist, Zhe Ikiyuyu, who has been in seclusion on the planet’s moon for a century following a bad critique. Of course, when they arrive at the gallery, things are not as they should be and need to be set to rights.

    One of the things I look for in a series that is based off an existing fandom is authenticity. I am very impressed by the research and attention to detail paid by Nick Abazdis and Elena Casagrande. Abazdis has brilliantly captured David Tennant’s tics and mannerisms. Ten’s stream of consciousness monologues and lack of verbal filter are spot on. The writing uses callbacks to previous incarnations of the Doctor and television episodes. Casagrande’s artwork looks like it was taken directly from storyboards for the show. Her likeness of David Tennant is exceptional, from his messy spiked hair right down to his Chuck Taylors.

    The most brilliant thing about this comic series is how it fits right into the Who-verse continuity. With The Doctor being 900+ years old and an alien time traveler, it’s not even possible that we could have seen all his companions or all of his adventures. Who’s to say that there wasn’t a Mexican girl from Brooklyn between companions Donna Noble and Martha Jones? It’s not like he talks about previous companions with his current companions. The new season of the television show won’t be airing until 2017. In the mean time, I’m looking forward to digging further into this series to get my Doctor Who fix.

    Doctor Who 10th TPB Ltd Ed Vol. 01 Revolutions Of Terror, Titan Comics, released June 29, 2016, written by Nick Abadzis, art by Elena Casagrande, colors by Arianna Florean, letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt, $15.29

    Review by Brendan Allen

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    New Comic Book Day — Reviews for New Suicide Squad #18, Agents of SHIELD #3 & More

    This week had some really strong new releases, and we wanted to highlight a few quality issues from this week’s new releases that could get lost in the shuffle. Check out our other New Comic Book Day blog articles so see our thoughts on other books. Be sure to comment or share our post on Facebook or Twitter if you like our articles!

    SPOILER ALERT — We try to keep from posting spoilers, but one may sneak through to our reviews now and again. Read with caution, true believers.

New Suicide Squad comics at TFAW.com New Suicide Squad #18
    By: Tim Seeley, Juan Ferreyra

    Twist and Turns Ladies and Gentlemen! If you want them, the newest issue of New Suicide Squad has them. Harley delivers a whimsical yet informational recap of a seemingly pointless story. However, stick with it, it leads somewhere exciting.

    This issue is rich with character development and the team sets us up for a whole new (possibly disastrous) plot. We also get to catch up with Amanda Waller and get a reminder that she is NOT TO BE TOYED WITH!

    Tim Seeley delivers yet again with an issue that contains great dialogue for all and is fantastically displayed in the artwork by Juan Ferreya. [Sean W. at Milwaukie TFAW]

    Amazing Spider-Man #9
    By: Dan Slott, Matteo Buffagni

    Amazing Spider-Man #9 From owning the biggest company with top notch technology to being known as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Peter Parker has it all! Er, well almost… Unfortunately, all of Parker’s successes have led to villains tracking his every move. In the previous issues, we are introduced to the terrorist group, Zodiac. They steal Peter’s latest technology to hack into S.H.I.E.L.D.’s security system to find a super rare artifact. What are they going to do with this artifact? World domination of course!

    This issue kicks off a new story arc in which Nick Fury and Spider-Man team up to find Zodiac’s leader, Scorpio. If you really liked Superior Spider-Man, I am positive you will love this storyline. I mean after all, the same team that brought you Superior Spider-Man is doing this series! [Darcey M. at Universal TFAW]

New Suicide Squad comics at TFAW.com Batman/TMNT #4
    By: James Tynion IV, Freddie Williams II, Jeremy Colwell

    The Turtles are trying to get home, but they’re up to their shells in trouble. With the help of Batman and an old friend, it looks like they may finally have some luck on their side.

    We are now four issues deep into the awesome Batman/TMNT crossover and James Tynion IV’s story is still as intriguing as ever. Freddie E Williams II and Jeremy Colwell are a fantastic pairing on art–I especially enjoy the decision to give the turtles different styled face masks.

    As the story continues it gets more and more clear that each turtle shares traits with Batman. With Raphael being Batman’s darker boding personality. Donatello, his tech side. Leonardo, the martial artist, and Michelandelo….uh…maybe not all.

    If you haven’t caught this from the beginning, go back and start. With DC/IDW doing second & third printings of the series you know it has to be good. [Martin M. at Milwaukie TFAW]

Green Lantern #50 comic book review at TFAW.com Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #3
    By: Marc Guggenheim, German Peralta

    Picking up from an excellent cliffhanger from the previous issue, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 jumps immediately into the action and keeps a solid pace, despite having to dump a lot of exposition on the readers who might not be caught up on Marvel’s Avengers Standoff crossover. Character sum up what’s been happening so far without too much stilted or forced dialogue. The chase for Whisperer is the best part of the book and (Spoiler warning if you haven’t read the first two parts of Standoff) Rick Jones uses things that don’t seem unrealistic for a character with his history to have access.

    Peralta’s art is clear and dynamic, and Guggenheim fills the script with nods to both the current events of the Marvel Universe but nice bits of history as well. He’s been a part of a great team on the DC TV side as creator of Arrow and Flash and now doing and excellent adaption of Marvel’s most well-known network show. This one is highly recommended. [Dustin M. at Universal TFAW]

    X-Files Deviations (one-shot)
    By: Amy Chu, Elena Casagrande

    The X-Files Deviations is a wonderful parallel for fans of the first episode. In this new story, wrier Amy Chu recreates what started it all with one major twist — Dana Scully is partnered with Samantha Mulder. Samantha’s brother Fox was the one who went missing all those years ago and now the two must work together to find the truth that is out there.

    The story moves along at a good pace and Casagrande’s style matches the tone of the story. For most fans, the relationship between Mulder and Scully is probably the most iconic thing about the show, but without it could the series thrive? This issue has me thinking yes. It’s a must read for any X-Files fan. Don’t forget about the other IDW Deviations one-shot issues starring the Ghostbusters, TMNT, Transformers & G.I. Joe. I’m really looking forward to those now that I’ve read this issue. [Travis S. at TFAW.com]

    What did you think of these books? What should we review next week? Let us know below!

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    Enter to Win Suicide Risk #1 Signed by Mike Carey

    Suicide Risk, the hot new title by Mike Carey (Unwritten) and Elena Casagrande (Hack/Slash), debuts this Wednesday, and we’ve partnered with Boom! Studios to throw a contest to celebrate the new title!

    About the Book:
    Heroes are dying, and cops are dying twofold. Humanity is underpowered in the face of their onslaught, and people are suffering untold casualties trying to stem the flow.

    After barely surviving a super-powered bank heist gone horribly wrong, beat cop Leo Winters vowed to try and find a way to stop them.

    Following a lead, he discovered two lowlifes who seemed to be able to grant a person powers . . . for the right price. Thing is: you don’t get to choose which power. It’s seemingly random, a crap-shoot, a risk.

    Will Leo decide to take that risk? And why is it that even the heroes in this world eventually break . . . bad?

    Enter to Win:
    Publisher BOOM! Studios is sending us eight copies of Suicide Risk #1 signed by writer Mike Carey, and you have three ways to enter to win! We’ll be giving away four signed copies to customers who order Suicide Risk #1 and/or #2 by June 5! Plus, stay tuned: we’ll also be holding contests on Facebook and Twitter this week. General Contest Rules apply.

    In the meantime, check out our four-page preview of Suicide Risk #1, below!


    Suicide Risk #1 Page 1Suicide Risk #1 Page 2

    Suicide Risk #1 Page 3Suicide Risk #1 Page 4

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