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    10 Free Comic Book Day Books You Need To Pick Up

    Free Comic Book DayEvery year, Free Comic Book Day grows by leaps and bounds. What started as just a few comic companies giving out a handful of comics has transformed into over 15 companies and 50+ comics! With many stores implementing strict limits on just how many books you can pick up, you need to make every choice count.

    Luckily, your friends at TFAW have come through with a list of the 10 comics you need to grab this Free Comic Book Day. Why 10? Because that just happens to be the number of comics we generously give at each of our retail locations.

    If you’re a Portland, Oregon or Los Angeles, Calfornia resident and want to join in on our Free Comic Book Day festivities, check us out on Facebook (Milwaukie , Portland, Beaverton, Universal Citywalk) for all the info you could want about our Free Comic Book Day event, including signing schedules. If you aren’t local, keep an eye on our website as we’re going to offer a sale you won’t want to miss starting on May 6th. Plus every order placed on May 6th will recive a Free Comic Book Day comic at random! (While supplies last)

    Want to visit your Local Comic Shop? Visit ComicShopLocator.com to find your nearest Comic Book Store!

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    TFAW Bucks Are Back!


    Want free money to spend in TFAW Store? Free Comic Book Day is May 2, and to make it even more exciting we are bringing back TFAW Bucks!

    How can you earn TFAW Bucks? Shop at Portland, Beaverton, or Milwaukie TFAW stores all April long, and for every $10 you spend, you’ll receive one TFAW Buck. The more money you spend, the more TFAW Bucks you get!

    How can you redeem TFAW Bucks? Bring them back to our Oregon TFAW stores on Free Comic Book Day and match them with your own money to save on anything in the store!

    Remember, Free Comic Book Day is the only day you can redeem your TFAW Bucks, get up to 10 free comics (while supplies last), meet your favorite comic book creators, and save 20% on almost everything in the store!

    Are you getting pumped for Free Comic Book Day? See what awesome events and deals we’ve got planned for you, and tell us what you are most excited about in the comments below!

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    Get Ready for Free Comic Book Day at Things From Another World


    Things From Another World will open early at 9 am on Saturday, May 2 for Free Comic Book Day, an incredibly popular, family-friendly event! We’ve got so many exciting events and deals planned that it’s impossible to list them all, but here is a taste of what to expect from Free Comic Book Day at TFAW stores:
    •    up to 10 special free comics from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and more (while supplies last)
    •    autographs from your favorite comic book creators
    •    coloring contest for kids, judged by Ron Chan (Plants Vs. Zombies, The Guild, Husbands)

    But wait, there’s more!  Only on Free Comic Book Day, save 20% on almost everything in the store, get an additional 5% off if you are a box customer, and shop our $2 and $5 doorbuster deals.

    End the day right, and join us at the Portland TFAW store from 7 to 10 pm for free food—including burgers, hot dogs, and veggie options—and beer (for those 21+).

    However, you’ll want to shop at TFAW all April long, because we’re bringing back TFAW Bucks! It’s simple—for every $10 you spend, you’ll receive one TFAW Buck. Bring them back to TFAW on May 2 and match them with your own money to save on anything in the store (see store manager for details)!

    “Free Comic Book Day has grown each year until it’s become something of a national celebration,” said Things From Another World founder and president Mike Richardson. “What better way to celebrate than to visit Things from Another World and spend a fun and comics filled day that the entire family can enjoy.”

    Here is our full Free Comic Book Day signing schedule:

    Portland TFAW

    10:00 am-12:00 pm
    •    Ron Chan (Plants Vs. Zombies, The Guild, Husbands)
    •    Cat Farris (Emily and the Strangers, Sixth Gun: Dust To Dust, The Last Diplomat)

    12:30-2:30 pm
    •    Paul Tobin (Bandette, Colder, Plants Vs. Zombies)
    •    Colleen Coover (Bandette, Gingerbread Girl, X-Men: First Class)

    3:00-5:00 pm
    •    Mike Richardson (47 Ronin, Deep Gravity, Father’s Day)

    4:30-6:30 pm
    •    Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man)

    Beaverton TFAW

    10:00 am-12:00 pm
    •    Ibrahim Moustafa (High Crimes, The Pound)

    12:30-2:30 pm
    •    Christopher Sebela (High Crimes, Dead Letters, Escape From New York)
    •    Jonathan Case (Before Tomorrowland, Batman ’66, Green River Killer)

    Milwaukie TFAW

    10:00 am-12:00 pm
    •    Joëlle Jones  (Lady Killer, Helheim, Dr. Horrible)
    •    Leia Weathington (The Legend of Bold Riley)

    12:30-2:30 pm
    •    David Walker (Shaft, Number 13, The Army of Doctor Moreau)

    3:00-5:00 pm
    •    Keith Tucker (Roger Rabbit, Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers, Animaniacs)

    Make sure to mark your calendars and come out to your favorite TFAW store for all the family-friendly fun and great deals on Free Comic Book Day!

    RSVP on our Facebook today:

    Portland TFAW
    Beaverton TFAW
    Milwaukie TFAW

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    Felicia Day Talks About The Guild FCBD Comic & Dragon Age: Redemption

    The Guild: Zaboo One ShotDark Horse Month was too big and exciting to contain in just one month, so we’re closing it down with a “visit” from the one and only Felicia Day, creator/writer/producer/star of The Guild, her wildly popular web series focusing on a misfit group of gamers. We chatted with her about the upcoming The Guild: Zaboo one-shot, her Free Comic Book Day comic (a flip-book paired with Buffy the Vampire Slayer!), her latest web series, Dragon Age: Redemption, and more.

    We’ve also got an exclusive six-page preview of The Guild: Zaboo–enjoy!

    TFAW.com: Now that you’ve completed both The Guild miniseries and several one-shots, how are you enjoying the process of making comics?

    Felicia Day: I feel like I’ve really hit a personal stride, that I actually look forward to working with the format and thinking more visually. The process is a lot more fun now that I’ve gotten my own methodology down.

    TFAW.com: Can you give us any hints about what we’ll discover about Zaboo in The Guild: Zaboo one-shot?

    FD: Sandeep [Parikh, her co-star and co-writer of the one-shot] is a director, so I think this issue is much more visual, similar to the Bladezz issue (which I did with Guild director Sean Becker). The cool thing is that Sandeep is a big gamer as well, so we tried to infuse a lot of gamer ideas into the script and the visuals. There are homages to everything from FPSs to Mario Kart. I’m excited for people to read it.

    The Guild: Zaboo Page 1TFAW.com: Does this take place before or after Season 5?

    FD: As are all the one shots of the core characters I’ve done this year, this one is pre-season 1, with the timeline catching up to the web series by the end of the issue.

    TFAW.com: Dark Horse just announced there will be a Guild comic for Free Comic Book Day–as a flip book with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. How do you feel about that pairing?

    FD: SUPER PSYCHED. Ahem, sorry about the caps. I didn’t know they were going to do that, and to be paired with such a great title is an honor for sure. I was excited to be able to get word about the series out and support such a great event.

    TFAW.com: What can you tell us about the storyline for the FCBD comic? Will it tie into Season 6 of the web series at all?

    FD: It’s a stand-alone for people who might not be familiar with the show and it’s sort of out of time with the series, but canon.

    TFAW.com: Have you considered expanding your comics work–writing a Buffy story, or a superhero book?

    The Guild: Zaboo Page 2FD: I would love to fit in other comic projects, but I am really stretched thin right now. Next year is going to bring some big changes though, and I hope to fit in more writing alongside with all the web series I’ll be doing. The idea of creating something new is really appealing to me though.

    TFAW.com: Cyd and Zaboo’s relationship has been through several twists and turns: she took a second look at him romantically in Season 5, but that fizzled after a brief experiment. Where will they be in Season 6?

    FD: I can’t tell, and if I could I wouldn’t anyway :). The show is still not picked up, so we have a lot of options with what we can do with the show, actually. I might be interested in doing something different with the format. We’ll see what the new year brings!

    TFAW.com: A lot of characters made a quantum leap in Season 5: Tinkerballa (ahem, April Lou) opened up to Cyd, Vork fell in love, kind of, and most importantly, it looks like Cyd has an actual job–with The Game! Are we going to see a more “functional” Guild in Season 6?

    The Guild: Zaboo Page 3FD: Of course not, functional is boring! I am having fun bringing the characters out of their shells a bit, though. Their friendship is making them better people, which is the central story of The Guild, really.

    TFAW.com: I just rewatched Dragon Age: Redemption and really enjoyed it. How did you prepare for such a physical role?

    FD: It was monumental will power that got me out of bed at 6 am every day for three months, doing two hours of working out, then going to work for eight hours and working on the script and The Guild and everything else I have to do, then training again before I went to bed. I think I almost broke myself, but it was 100% worth it. It definitely made me respect big action heroes more, who literally make that process their life. I don’t think I’ll ever be in that good shape again, to be honest. 🙂

    TFAW.com: The end of the web series left a lot of room for a sequel–is anything currently in the works?

    FD: Nothing planned now, but Tallis is, awesomely, a part of the Dragon Age universe. I could only hope she appears again!

    TFAW.com: What were the biggest differences (besides budget) between producing The Guild and Dragon Age: Redemption?

    FD: I think scale was the biggest, we had so many more crew on Dragon Age, it was hard to even look at it like a web series; it was TV-sized. Also Dragon Age had a huge post-production process with special effects and color timing and transcoding, etc. etc. That was a huge learning lesson, how complicated post-production can be when you do a lot of special effects and involve so many people on that end of production.

    I think the biggest lesson I took was that I kind of enjoy shooting things with three people more, haha.

    The Guild: Zaboo Page 4The Guild: Zaboo Page 5The Guild: Zaboo Page 6

    TFAW.com: You’ve acted in projects by others, and those you produce yourself. When you’re creating your own material, do you think you make fewer compromises, or just different ones?

    FD: Filmmaking is, by definition, a compromise art form, I think, whatever the scale. You never quite realize exactly what is in your head–sometimes you fall short, sometimes other people’s input and talent help you exceed it. That’s the beauty and the frustration of making films.

    I certainly have a bit more control over what I produce personally, but wearing so many hats tends to round out the perfectionist corners because it’s simply a lot to take on, especially when we have such low budgets. So really, the challenges always vary from project to project, which is why I love what I do. Variety I what I live for.

    TFAW.com: What do you think is the key to creating realistic female characters, both in comics or for web or TV series?

    FD: I think creating a character, not a type. We all read characters that jump out as, “MOM,” “GIRLFRIEND,” “GEEK GIRL”–they start from cliches and never overcome them. Moms aren’t always kind, teen daughters aren’t always rebellious. Start creating a character with a unique perspective, interesting past experiences, and then make her female. Then something awesome will hopefully happen.

    Our thanks to Felicia for taking the time to answer all of our questions. Make sure to order The Guild comics and graphic novels here at TFAW.com.



    Are you curious about The Guild Season 6? Have you watched Dragon Age: Redemption yet? Post your reactions below!

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    Chris Roberson Takes Us on a Trip to Melniboné–An Elric Interview

    FCBD 2011 ElricOne of the most exciting books that I picked up on Free Comic Book Day this year was Elric: The Balance Lost #0.

    If your local comics shop ran out before you could pick up a copy, or you weren’t one of the lucky few to get this issue randomly included with your FCBD TFAW order, you’re in luck! Our friends at BOOM! Studios have granted us permission to display the entire issue as an Elric: The Balance Lost #0 First Look preview.

    Go ahead and take a few minutes to read the story, and then come back here to check out our interview with Elric writer Chris Roberson!

    TFAW.com: Hi Chris, how did you come to work on this project?

    Chris Roberson: The series had its genesis in 2009 at San Diego Comic-Con, when during a very late-night conversation, Matt Gagnon of BOOM! Studios and I discovered our mutual love for the novels of Michael Moorcock. A few months later Matt approached me about writing a prequel comic to Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, and he and the rest of the team at BOOM! liked what I came up with.

    Early in 2010, Matt called me up to ask whether I thought Moorcock might be interested in the idea of original comics based on his characters and concepts. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Mike personally over the last few years, thanks in large part to our geographic proximity (I live in Austin, not far from the Bastrop home where Mike spends a large part of every year). I said that it couldn’t hurt to ask! So I emailed Mike, put him in touch with Matt and the folks at BOOM!, and a short while later they asked me to start putting together a proposal.

    I have been a huge fan of Mike’s work since I first discovered a copy of Count Brass in my high school library, a quarter of a century ago. Every few years I go on a big Moorcock reading jag, and it’s only been a couple of years since I sat down and reread virtually everything that Mike has ever published.

    Elric FCBD #0 Page 1 pencilsElric FCBD #0 Page 1 pencilsTFAW.com: Can you tell us a bit about who Elric is, and his home of Melniboné?

    CR: The Melnibonéans are a race that existed long before the rise of man, who dominated the world for long ages from the backs of their dragons. But the dragons are all asleep now, and the world has come to be dominated by the humans of the Young Kingdoms, leaving Melniboné dreaming of its former glory.

    Elric, the last emperor of Melniboné, is doomed to carry the cursed sword Stormbringer, and even though the black blade gives him life and sustenance, it comes at the cost of blood and souls, including those who Elric cherishes most. Elric is just one incarnation of the Eternal Champion, a hero who is fated to serve the Balance in the many worlds of the Multiverse, sometimes fighting on the side of Law, sometimes on the side of Chaos.

    TFAW.com: What’s your favorite part about working in the world that Moorcock has created?

    CR: Well, more than anything, Moorcock’s view of the multiverse is just a fantastic engine for telling stories in any conceivable environment, on the one hand, and for exploring ideas and philosophies, on the other.

    One of the key aspects of Moorcock’s cosmology is the notion of an eternal struggle between Law and Chaos. In the more fantastical settings, this plays out as a literal war between supernatural powers on either side, with gods, demons, and demiurges directing the movement of human agents like chess pieces moving across the board. But in the more mundane settings, stories set in what is effectively the “real” world, this same tension between Law and Chaos plays out, but more often as philosophical tendencies that push characters one way or the other.

    TFAW.com: Speaking of Law and Chaos, can you tell us a little about how that will play out in this series?

    CR: Readers should note that “Law and Chaos” are not simply synonyms for “Good and Evil.” There is not a moral component to that struggle, at least not in any objective sense. Law and Chaos are simply two different ways of approaching the universe, and the heroes in Moorcock’s novels can often find themselves fighting on one side or the other, and sometimes both or neither!

    TFAW.com: Elric’s sword, the Stormbringer, is a supernatural weapon that feeds on the blood and souls of its victims. It powers Elric, yet it also acts like a curse. Are you planning on exploring the turmoil Elric has faced as a result of using the black blade?

    CR: Yes. Yes, we will.

    TFAW.com: Are you planning on delving into Elric’s storied past at all?

    Elric FCBD #0 Page 1 pencilsElric FCBD #0 Page 2 pencilsCR: A bit, here and there, but the main focus of attention will be on what happens next. Elric’s past has been well documented in Moorcock’s various novels and stories, and it would be a little overwhelming for newcomers to the character to be inundated with too much backstory. But there are definite parallels between Elric’s experiences and those of the new Eternal Champion we’re meeting in The Balance Lost, a man named Eric Beck who lives in what is essentially our world.

    TFAW.com: You’re right, Moorcock has written many amazing novels that readers have been able to explore. How will new readers be brought up to speed in this series?

    CR: The trick is to give just enough information about the characters and the concepts to get new readers up to speed, without boring all of the longtime readers with stuff they already know. Based on my own experiences coming into long-running comic, TV, and novel series when I was younger, I don’t think new readers need to know everything. They just need to know the basics, enough to understand who the characters are in general terms and what the basic conflict is. Reading to find out more is one of the things that keeps it interesting!

    TFAW.com: Earlier you had mentioned the Multiverse and how it give you a lot of room to create some great stories. How are you planning on bringing the other Eternal Champions into the fold?

    CR: In The Balance Lost, Elric is one of several incarnations of the Eternal Champion who become involved in a war that spans worlds, as powerful forces attempt to upset the balance of Law and Chaos forever.

    The series actually takes place across a series of different worlds, some of which will be familiar from the Eternal Champion stories, some of which are drawn from other novels and stories of Moorcock, and some of which are being seen here for the first time.

    And the cast is huge, mixing familiar and not-so-familiar faces. In addition to our three main characters–Elric, Hawkmoon, and Corum–we’ll be meeting two new incarnations of the Eternal Champion, one of whom was mentioned once but never seen in Moorcock’s novels, and the aforementioned Eric Beck, who is original to this series.

    TFAW.com: How did Francesco Biagini and Benjamin Carre become involved with the series? Can you tell us about some of the artwork that you’ve seen so far?

    CR: I have to admit that I wasn’t familiar with Francesco’s work before he was attached to Elric: The Balance Lost, but as soon as I saw the character designs he’d submitted I knew he was perfect for the job. And the pages he’s been turning in have been amazing. As for Benjamin Carre, if you’ve seen his covers with the solicitations, I think they speak for themselves! Add them both together, and I think I can say with confidence that this book is going to look great.

    Elric FCBD #0 Page 3 pencilsElric FCBD #0 Page 3 pencilsTFAW.com: Who’s going to dig this series the most? What other titles would you say they’re reading right now?

    CR: Well, I hope that longtime fans of Moorcock will recognize the characters and concepts that they’ve come to love over the years, and that newcomers will hopefully be inspired by the series to go and read Moorcock’s novels for themselves. And that everyone, longtime fans and newcomers alike, enjoys the comics series in its own right!

    As for what other titles those readers might be enjoying right now? That’s a very good question, and one I’m not sure I have a good answer for. The various worlds across which the story takes place are all quite different, and so the series will read for the first arc or two almost like a mashup of different genres and styles. So readers of Dark Horse’s Conan titles would potentially find a lot to like here, but so would readers of Hellboy, or Fables, or The Walking Dead, or any of dozens of other great books on the stands.

    We want to thank Chris for taking time out of his busy work schedule to talk to us about Elric: The Balance Lost.

    Elric The Balance Lost #1 at TFAW.com ORDER YOUR COPY OF ELRIC #1 TODAY!


    Did you dig the FCBD Elric issue as much as I did? Looking forward to what Roberson and the rest of the BOOM! crew bring in July? Post your comments below!

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    See Photos From Free Comic Book Day!

    Free Comic Book Day was a huge hit in our three Oregon stores–big thanks to everyone who came out to play! We’ve got a great collection of photos, below, but we need more! If you came out to our Hollywood, Beaverton, or Milwaukie locations and have some great shots to share, please join our TFAW/FCBD Group on flickr today and share them. In the meantime, do you see yourself in any of the photos?

    Did you participate in Free Comic Book Day? Which comic was your favorite? Post your comments below!

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    It’s Free Comic Book Day: Get Free Comics at TFAW.com

    Free Comic Book Day 2011 is Saturday, May 7! Starting at 12:01 a.m. PST, all in-stock orders (hint–all in-stock items will have a red button like this: next to it) have three special FREE comic books included in their shipments, while supplies last. Even better, these free comics won’t affect your shipping and handling charges!

    What’s Free Comic Book Day? For this annual event, dozens of comic book publishers, including Dark Horse, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and more, publish free special-edition comics that are distributed via thousands of comic shops!

    How do I get my free comics? Place an in-stock order starting at 12:01 a.m. PST on May 7! Three free comics will be randomly chosen and added to your shipment. Hurry, these free comics will go quickly!

    Psst! Here’s a tip: shop our 60% off Nick & Dent sale to get our lowest prices on some great products along with your free comics!

    Do you live in the Portland, Oregon area? See our in-store FCBD schedule!


    Are you excited for Free Comic Book Day? Post your comments below!

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    Earn TFAW Bucks at Free Comic Book Day in Portland

    TFAW BucksThis Saturday, May 7, not only will you get free comics (while supplies last), meet awesome creators, and save 60% on sale items, but you’ll be able to earn our brand-new TFAW Bucks on that day ONLY.

    How can you earn TFAW Bucks? You’ll get a $5 TFAW Buck with your initial purchase on Free Comic Book Day in Portland, Beaverton, or Milwaukie, and then you’ll earn another $1 TFAW Buck for every $10 you spend!

    How can you redeem TFAW Bucks? Bring them back to our Oregon stores between May 8 and 31 and match them with your own money to save. Got $8 in TFAW Bucks? Add $8 of your own to pick up that graphic novel you’ve had your eye on, or a clutch of new comics.

    But wait! There’s more! Make sure to hold onto your receipt from Free Comic Book Day–it’s your VIP ticket to our 60% off sale (with all-new product NOT featured in our FCBD sale) in our Oregon stores May 21. Doors open at 9 am to receipt holders ONLY–that’s two hours early! Not only will you enjoy first crack at our sale, but you’ll get free coffee and donuts, too.


    Are you getting pumped for Free Comic Book Day? Will you try to collect them all? Post your comments below!

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    Free Comic Book Day Is This Saturday, May 7!

    Saturday, May 7 is Free Comic Book Day! On this day of days, not only can you stop by our three Oregon stores between 10 am-7 pm and get special free comics (while supplies last), but we’re offering $2 doorbuster graphic novels, an amazing 60% off sale, TFAW Bucks to spend on your next visit, and signings with 23 creators, including Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, Steve Lieber, Paul Tobin, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Dustin Weaver, Scott Allie, Patric Reynolds, and many more! See the full schedule here. If you don’t live in the Portland area, you can still participate in FCBD with us–find out how here.

    We’ve also put a handy-dandy cheat sheet of which store to visit and when, depending on your interests:

    • Star Wars fans: We actually have the artist for Dark Horse Comics’ FCBD Star Wars comic, Ben Dewey, signing at our Portland store from 2-5 pm! You’ll also want to stick around to meet Dustin Weaver, artist for Star Wars Vector and S.H.I.E.L.D., from 2-5 pm, before going to our Milwaukie store to get your Star Wars: The Clone Wars books signed by writer Jeremy Barlow (also of Dethklok/Metalocalypse), also from 2-5 pm!
    • Whedon fans: Kick off your day by meeting Buffy Season 8 editor and writer, Scott Allie, in Milwaukie from 12-3 pm! Then head out to Beaverton to say hi to Patric Reynolds, artist of the Serenity: Float Out one-shot.
    • Parents and kids: We’ve got some amazing kids comics writers and artists in our stores. You can start off in Beaverton to meet Amy Mebberson, artist for the Muppet Show, from 12-3 pm, as well as Ben Bates, artist for Sonic the Hedgehog, from 2-5 pm. Then, don’t miss your chance to get comics signed by the fantabulous Paul Tobin, writer of Spider-Girl, Marvel Adventures, and more, in Portland from 2-5 pm.
    • Periscope Studio fans: Can’t get enough of your local Periscope Studio creators? Neither can we! The Portland store has them all day–several already mentioned, plus Underground‘s Steve Lieber, Boilerplate creators Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett, and Suicide GirlsDavid Hahn! You can also get your fix in Milwaukie from 2-5 pm and see Jeremy Barlow and The Guild: Tink‘s Ron Chan!
    • Marvel superheroes fans: Meet writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of this year’s fantastic Osborn miniseries, as well as a contributor to Girl Comics, from 12-3 pm. Then come to Portland from 2-4 pm to meet the incredible team of Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson, artists on Uncanny X-Men, X-Men, and more.
    • Indy comics fans: Todd Herman and Herb Apon will be in Milwaukie from 12-3 pm showing artwork from their upcoming Warriors: Jailbreak series, plus, you’ll have the chance to peek at the upcoming series Witch Doctor from Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner from 4-7 pm. Beaverton is also chock-full of indy goodness, with Shawn Cruz and Micah Baker of Salem’s Corrosive Comics there from 3-6 pm, and Dane Ault of Monkey Minion appearing from 4-7 pm.

    Whew! Don’t forget, doors open at 10 am–get there early to get first crack at free comics and more.

    Are you as excited about Free Comic Book Day as we are? Post your comments below!

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    Free Comic Book Day a Huge Hit With Fans of All Ages

    Wow! We just had an excellent weekend of comic book magic, thanks to an excellent turnout at all three of our Oregon stores for Free Comic Book Day! We want to thank all of our creators, including Terry and Rachel Dodson, Steve Lieber, Dave Stewart, Scott Allie, the Pander Bros., Bluewater Productions, Erika Moen, and so many more (see a full list here) for coming in, signing for fans, drawing sketches, and just being fun people to hang out with. We also want to thank the pirates of PDX YAR and the Stormtroopers from Cloud City Garrison for entertaining everyone at our stores.

    Check out our video and photo gallery below:

    Free Comic Book Day 2010
    Avast ye! The pirates of PDX YAR entertained attendees at our Milwaukie and Portland locations.

    Free Comic Book Day 2010
    Scott Allie and Dave Stewart talked with fans, chatted with friends, and signed comics at our Milwaukie store.

    Free Comic Book Day 2010
    Fans lined up to meet Eisner-winning colorist Dave Stewart and Dark Horse Comics writer/editor Scott Allie.

    Free Comic Book Day 2010
    Even a member of the Cloud City Garrison couldn't resist the chance to meet Terry and Rachel Dodson.

    Free Comic Book Day 2010
    As you can see, the line for Terry and Rachel Dodson was extremely long, stretching through the store!

    Free Comic Book Day 2010
    Looks like Dad is introducing his kids to comics! Many of the FCBD comics were children's books.

    Free Comic Book Day 2010
    Our Beaverton store was packed full of happy fans getting free comics and enjoying excellent sale prices!

    Free Comic Book Day 2010
    Over at our Hollywood location, Whiteout and Underground artist Steve Lieber sketched and talked with customers.

    Free Comic Book Day 2010
    Store manager Aaron Duran and Too Much Coffee Man creator Shannon Wheeler at our Hollywood store.

    Did you take part in Free Comic Book Day on Saturday? What was your favorite FCBD comic? Do you have any pictures you’d like to share? Post your comments below!

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    Wednesday New Releases: Star Wars Legacy, Walking Dead, FCBD!

    New Reviews of This Week’s Releases!Follow TFAW on Twitter

    TFAW.com reviews Superman #699, Star Wars: Legacy #47, Siege: New Avengers #64, Deadpool #22, Brightest Day: Green Lantern Corps #42, Cowboy Ninja Viking #5, and Walking Dead #71! We also talk about Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 1! If you live in the Portland area, check out our signing schedule, but you can also get free comics here at TFAW.com!

    Siege New Avengers #64



    Questions? Comments? Post them below!

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    Free Comic Book Day Signings & More May 1 in Portland

    Free Comic Book Day

    Saturday May 1, come to our Portland, Beaverton, Milwaukie, and Universal CityWalk locations to get FREE special-edition comics from your favorite publishers all day long (while supplies last!).

    Come bring the whole family–not only will we be giving out hundreds of free comics, but we’ll be offering deep discounts on hundreds of graphic novels, statues, and collectibles, and we’ll be hosting signings for some of the most exciting creators in comics at each of our stores!

    Plus, you’ll be entertained by the pirates of PDX YAR and Stormtroopers from Cloud City Garrison!

    Check out our schedule below to plan out an awesome day for pop-culture fans of all ages.

    Free Comic Book Day Signing Schedule!

    PORTLAND STORE: 4133 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR (503) 284-4693

    12-3: Shannon Wheeler (artist/writer, Too Much Coffee Man, The New Yorker
    2-5: Steve Lieber (artist, Whiteout, Underground)
    3:15-6:15: Erika Moen (artist/writer, DAR)
    4-7: Jamie S. Rich (writer, Love the Way You Love, Spell Checkers) Joelle Jones (artist, Dr. Horrible, Spell Checkers)
    4-5:30: Terry Dodson/Rachel Dodson (artists, Uncanny X-Men, Wonder Woman)
    ** PDX YAR Pirates 11-3 p.m.! **

    BEAVERTON STORE: 4390 SW Lloyd Ave. Beaverton, OR (503) 643-4222

    12-3: Shawn Cruz (artist/writer, Psycho Guitar Killers)
    1-2:30: Terry Dodson/Rachel Dodson (artists, Uncanny X-Men, Wonder Woman)
    2-5: Jason Martin (artist/writer, Zombie Tramp, Super Real)
    4-7: Lee Moyer (artist, Starstruck, Dungeons & Dragons)
    ** Stormtroopers from Cloud City Garrison 12-2 p.m.! **

    MILWAUKIE STORE: 10977 SE Main St. Milwaukie, OR (503) 652-2752

    12-3: Dave Stewart (colorist, Batwoman Detective Comics, Hellboy, Umbrella Academy) Scott Allie (writer, Solomon Kane, editor, Buffy Season 8, Hellboy, Umbrella Academy)
    2-5: Pander Brothers (artists, Tasty Bullet, Grendel)
    4-7: Darren Davis/Bluewater Productions (publisher, Female Force, Logan’s Run, FAME)
    ** PDX YAR Pirates 11-3 p.m.! **

    UNIVERSAL CITYWALK: 1000 Universal Center Drive CityWalk #179, Universal City, CA (818) 622-8464

    10-12: Drew Johnson (artist, Wonder Woman, Fantastic Four, Star Wars: Infinities)
    12-3: Marc Andreyko (writer, Predators, Streets of Gotham, Manhunter)
    3-5: Stan Sakai (writer/artist, Usagi Yojimbo)

    However, even if you don’t live in the Portland or Los Angeles areas, you can get free comics from Things From Another World! Visit our Free Comic Book Day page to find out more!

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