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    NCBD – Justice League, Bitch Planet, Deadpool vs Gambit

    NCBD Justice League, Bitch Planet, Deadpool V Gambit

    New Comic Book Day is upon us once again. With Justice League’s final issue before Rebirth, Bitch Planet still continuing it’s awesome work, and Deadpool going head-to-head with Gambit. Remember these are only a few of this week’s new releases that stood out from the crowd. Check out our other blog articles so see our thoughts on other books. Be sure to comment or share our post on Facebook or Twitter!

    SPOILER ALERT — We try to keep from posting spoilers, but one may sneak through to our reviews now and again. Read with caution, true believers.

    Justice League comics at TFAW.com

    Justice League #52
    By: Dan Jurgens, Paul Pelletier, Tony Kordos

    The Darkseid War rocked the Justice League. Putting each of them through trials which found fresh perspectives, and illuminated some things that they did not realize were in the shadows. In recent history, we saw Superman save the world from a corrupted energy version of himself by ultimately sacrificing himself for the survival of DC’s Earth.

    Superman’s willingness to put the world before himself is one of his most enduring character elements and even Lex Luthor has to recognize that. In true Lex fashion, he pays what form of respect that he has for our hero by adopting the House of El’s shield on his redesigned battle armor. Setting out on a mission to acquire the fallen Superman’s cape to wear with it, so that he can become the new savior of Metropolis. Lex Luthor experiences his own Rebirth, and though the members of the Justice League are unsure of where Lex’s rebirth will lead, so far they aren’t out to stop him. After all, there is another, true Superman which he is unaware of. Chalk up another victory to DC’s Rebirth line for taking their comics to great new frontiers! I’m excited to see where we’re going. [Casey D. at TFAW.com]

    Bitch Planet comics at TFAW.com

    Bitch Planet #8
    By: Kelly Sue DeConnick, Valentine De Landro

    Bitch Planet #8 hits all the notes you’d expect from the DeConnick—De Landro team. The art is on point, and the characters are every bit as endearing as ever.

    The story of Meiko’s father takes a surprising turn which manages to escalate Kamau’s search for her sister. Unbeknownst to them, we—the readers—get a shocking and (in true DeConnick fashion) uncomfortable glimpse into what Kamau is currently up to.

    The best elements of De Landro’s art are on display in this issue. At a glance, faces and backgrounds appear simplified and stripped down, but digging deeper, he reveals details that have astonishing implications for the overall story implications for the overall story. DeConnick’s writing isn’t different in that regard. Many of the conversations are designed for the astute reader to pick up on references to previous issues. On the flipside, new ideas are seeded (such as a strange cult-like meeting in the basement of a bar) as we see more and more of the horrifying world of Bitch Planet. [Tim S. At TFAW.com]

    Deadpool vs Gambit comics at TFAW.com

    Deadpool vs Gambit #1
    By: Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, Danilo Beyruth, Kevin Wada

    From the writers who brought you Thunderbolts and one of the artists behind Gwenpool, comes the all-new five issue mini-series, Deadpool V Gambit: The V is for VS.

    I have always been keen on the writers who take on Deadpool, and Ben Acker and Ben Blacker definitely know what they are doing with the Merc with a Mouth. If you don’t know much about Gambit, that’s okay! This issue gives you a good feel of what he’s like and what powers he possesses.

    Now on to the fight! We love seeing this Mercenary fight with anyone that will bring him the big bucks! However, this issue will surprise you as it’s not your traditional VS (or is it V now?) mini-series. Gambit the Cajun magician and Deadpool the Merc who needs money, bring you this amazing, hilarious issue. I am actually really intrigued where this issue is going… I give it five tacos and five chimichangas! [Darcey M. at Universal Citywalk]

    What did you think of these books? What should we review next week? Let us know below!

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    The End Times of Bram & Ben, Gambit Writer James Asmus Signing 2/27

    The End Times of Bram & Ben, Gambit Signing with James Asmus

    We’re proud to announce that Gambit, The End Times of Bram & Ben, and Thief of Thieves writer James Asmus will be signing at the Portland TFAW from 7 to 10 p.m. February 27! Free food and beer (21+ with valid ID) will be provided. RSVP on Facebook now!

    The X-Men’s Ragin’ Cajun returns to a life of crime in Gambit, an action-packed solo series with art by Clay Mann (X-Men Legacy). The End Times of Bram & Ben, Asmus’s hilarious collaboration with Jim Festante and Rem Broo, presents a totally different story: when the Rapture happens, Bram is taken to heaven due to a clerical mistake–only to be immediately returned. Now he and his more level-headed friend Ben must contend with the upcoming Armageddon–not to mention a world full of “sinners.”

    James Asmus is a long-time writer, performer, and theater playwright, with works produced in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, New Orleans, and Portland, Oregon. In addition to Gambit and The End Times of Bram & Ben, he is currently co-writing Thief of Thieves for Image Comics with Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead). TFAW will have a wide range of Asmus’s comics available for purchase–don’t miss out on this fantastic signing February 27!



    Have you been enjoying Gambit and The End Times of Bram & Ben? Post your comments below!

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    Comic Book Reviews: Buffy Season 9 #3, Green Lantern #3 & More

    New Reviews of Comics and More!

    We’re back with our weekly comic book reviews! This week, we review Green Lantern #3, Batwoman #3 , Avenging Spider-Man #1, Buffy Season 9 #3, Hellboy: House of the Living Dead HC, and Kotobukiya’s Danger Room Sessions: Gambit Fine Art Statue!

    Check out our video below. MILD SPOILER ALERT! We’ll avoid any big spoilers, but we will give out a few details as we go. So were these comics and items Box-Worthy, Fence-Worthy, or NOT Worthy? Listen to our opinions and then post your own below.

    Hellboy: House of the Living Dead HC




    What did you think of these titles? What should we review next week? Post your comments below!

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    First Look: Taylor Kitsch as Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    It’s here: our first glimpse of Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights) as Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, scheduled for release in May 2009. Screen Rant has the photo, as well as some very opinionated commentary of this version of the Cajun-flavored hero.

    Some of the pieces are here: sexy guy, the color purple, and those ubiquitous playing cards. Since the movie is an origin tale, it’s safe to speculate that this takes place before Remy LeBeau became the hero known as Gambit. Apparently, it’s also set before he took to wearing trench coats (but not, uh . . . velvet vests?)!

    I personally am mildly interested in the movie, but not much in Gambit. I enjoyed him as a mysterious and mischevious character when he debuted back in 1990, and I was entertained by his relationship with a “de-aged” Storm and his flirtation with Rogue. However, once Marvel started (over) embellishing his backstory, the spark was smothered in soap opera tropes. The less said about his bimbo secret wife, Bella Donna, the better! I haven’t read much about him in recent years, though, so perhaps I’m missing out?

    What do you think? Has anyone seen Friday Night Lights? Who wants to share his or her take on Kitsch’s acting abilities? Is Gambit simply a butch version of Longshot? Post your comments below!

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