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    Winter Is Coming–And So Are Great Game of Thrones Gift Ideas

    As we race to the premiere of Game of Thrones Season 6 next year, fans’ heads are swirling with big questions: Is Jon Snow alive? Can Daenerys and her dragons finally conquer Kings Landing and of course, what awesome merchandise should I get the GoT fan on my list this holiday season? Well, we’re here to help you and the Game of Thrones fan in your life with our latest gift guide!

    Game of Thrones Statue: Iron Throne Mini Replica Dark Horse Deluxe Your Price: $35.99 This it folks, what the battle is all about. Now the Iron Throne can be yours without having to engage in the bloody conflicts of Westoros. At 7-inches, you can actually hold the power in your hand and display it on your desk or workspace.

    Game of Thrones Figures

    Game of Thrones Figures Funko, Dark Horse Your Price: $9.89-$22.49

    Relive all your favorite moments from the show or play out new stories with the GoT cast of characters. The most beloved characters are now available in high-quality and affordable plastic figures. Choose from over three dozen figures!

    Game of Thrones Direwolf Bookends Game of Thrones Direwolf Bookends Dark Horse Your Price: $47.99
    Dire wolves protect the members of House Stark from enemies, now they’re here to protect your books or DVDs from falling over. The next best thing to a real Dire Wolf in your life, these are sculpted from the actual props used by the production team of the series.
    Game of Thrones Baby Dragon Resin Statues

    Game of Thrones Baby Dragon Resin Statues The Noble Collection Your Price: $34.79 each

    The real stars of the series are of course, the Dragons. Now they can be yours to keep watch over your home or office. These statues are highly detailed and hand-painted to give you the most realistic collectible you can imagine.

    Game of Thrones Playing Cards Game of Thrones Playing Cards Dark Horse Your Price: $2.99
    Great for a stocking stuffer, you can play the Game of Thrones from the safety of your home with these playing cards. Each card features a photo of cast members or props from the series.
    Game of Thrones Statue: Daenerys and Drogon Limited Edition

    Game of Thrones Limited Edition Daenerys and Drogon Statue By: Dark Horse Deluxe Your Price: $382.49

    The ultimate collector’s piece for fans of the show! Dark Horse Deluxe has beautifully captured the Mother of Dragons and one of her “children” in glorious detail. Show your support for House Targaryen as they fight to take back the throne. Smaller Version also available for just $89.99


    There are too many great Game of Thrones items we can’t fit them all on one blog. You can see our entire Game of Thrones catalog here. Below are a few others we think the super fan on your list will enjoy:

    Still not sure what to get? A TFAW Gift Certificate is a one-size-fits all treat, or feel free to contact us directly via Live Chat at TFAW.com. You can also call us at 800-862-0052 or email us, and we’ll be glad to help you select the perfect gift for that special geek in your life. See more gift list ideas at the TFAW Blog.
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    Comic Book Reviews: Hit Girl, Game of Thrones, Batman Dark Knight

    Watch Video Reviews of This Week’s Comics!

    Hey everyone! We’re coming at you with comic book reviews of Hit-Girl #1, Batman The Dark Knight #10, the Game of Thrones HC Vol. 1, and the Dragon Age II: Flemeth Dragon Statue that just arrived this week.

    Check out the video, below. SPOILER ALERT! We try not to go into too much detail in our reviews, but occasionally a spoiler slips through!

    Hit-Girl #1



    We’ve made it simple to share this video on Facebook and other social media outlets with the social networking buttons near the title. If you wouldn’t mind doing us a solid and sharing this video with your friends, we’d be eternally grateful. What should we review next week? Post your comments below and we’ll see what we can do!

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    Unbelievable Products Now Available at TFAW.com

    Two years ago, we made headlines when we were able to locate and procure Tauntaun Steaks. Sure, we sold out in a matter of minutes, but we’re told those steaks were out of this world.

    This year, we challenged the TFAW Buyers to search for similarly hard-to-find products. They’ve answered the call, putting in massive amounts of overtime these past few months–traveling to exotic locales to find products that will completely change your life. Click on the images or links below to read more about these amazing finds!

    You’ll Marvel at our Super Soldier Serum or Indestructible Adamantium Metal Alloy! (See what we did there?)

    You’ll find inner peace when you schedule your next Anger Management Session with The Hulk!

    Travel to distant planets with the use of our Certified Pre-Owned Tardis or inspire fear throughout the galaxy with the Yellow Lantern Ring!

    Help give a rescued Direwolf Cub a good home!

    Certified Pre-Owned TardisAnger Management Session with The HulkDirewolf CubSuper Soldier SerumYellow Lantern Ring with Yellow BatteryIndestructible Adamantium Metal Alloy

    These products are only available while supplies last, so make sure you order yours today! Be sure to use the facebook and twitter buttons above to prove to your friends that you’re so much cooler than they are. 😉

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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    Get in the Game: New Game of Thrones Merchandise

    Game of ThronesGeorge R. R. Martin’s epic Game of Thrones has never been more popular, with millions of fans breathlessly awaiting the premiere of Season 2 of the HBO show on April 1. This dark medieval fantasy has ignited demand for collectibles–make sure to let your visitors know about the comics, merchandise, games, and more at TFAW.

    Dynamite Entertainment’s Game of Thrones comic-book series has been extremely popular, and Game of Thrones HC Vol. 01, collecting the first six issues, is out March 14. We’ve got a behind-the-scenes interview with preview art here!

    But that’s only the tip of the iceberg: Dark Horse Deluxe is releasing a full line of amazing Game of Thrones merchandise, including mugs, journals, playing cards, magnets, and more this spring, emblazoned with images from the popular TV series.

    Don’t forget about the Game of Thrones board and card games, too!


    Are you looking forward to Season 2 of Game of Thrones on HBO? Post your comments below!

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    Daniel Abraham & Tommy Patterson Take Us Into A Game of Thrones

    A Game of Thrones ComicsWe’re premiering Dynamite Month with an interview with Daniel Abraham and Tommy Patterson, the writer and artist behind the comics adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy novel, A Game of Thrones!

    With the HBO series, Game of Thrones, making a splash among television viewers, the comics series has been one of the most anticipated adaptations of the year, with issue #1 selling out immediately (you can pre-order the 2nd printing here).

    We had the chance to ask Daniel and Tommy what it’s like translating a massive epic to comics, what challenges they’ve faced, and what they’re looking forward to next. Plus, we’ve got an exclusive five-page preview from A Game of Thrones #2!

    TFAW.com: How did you become involved in this project?

    Daniel Abraham: I’ve actually known George for a long time. He was one of my teachers at the Clarion West workshop back in 1998, I’ve been part of the Wild Cards consortium that he heads up, and I co-authored a novel with him and Gardner Dozois called Hunter’s Run. So when the time came to talk about writers to adapt A Game of Thrones, he knew a lot about how I work and what my judgment is like. I also live about an hour south of him, so it’s not hard to get together for lunch if we need to.

    TFAW.com: What role does George R. R. Martin play in the adaptation process?

    A Game of Thrones #2 Page 1DA: Most of his work is already done. He wrote the book. He told the story. He will still approve some art and I’ll quiz him if some detail or character seems problematic. He’s really the only one in the world who knows where all the bodies are buried, so sometimes I’ll omit a line of dialogue or a character from a scene that actually needs to be there because they pay off sometime much later down the line.

    TFAW.com: A Game of Thrones is a dense, action-packed novel with tons of characters, and lots of plotlines to juggle. How do you condense something like that for comics?

    DA: The big things are to look for places that information can be conveyed visually and then make Tommy carry the load. For instance, the tourney of the Hand is something that gets pages and pages of description and color commentary that evoke the images Tommy can just present. That gives me a lot of breathing room. Sometimes I will pare down the number of people present in a scene just so it’s manageable. Random House and Dynamite have been very good, though, about giving us room.

    The project is 24 issues at 29 pages per [comic]. That matches it almost page-per-page with the original novel, so it’s less a condensation of the story than a reframing of it. We didn’t want to makes this into a Classics Illustrated version of the book. We wanted to give the story enough room to be as big as it really is.

    TFAW.com: This is your first foray into comics writing–what has surprised you thus far?

    A Game of Thrones #2 Page 2DA: It’s the first one of this scale, but it’s actually not my first time adapting George. I did adaptation of his novel Fevre Dream and his novella Skin Trade for Avatar Press, and I wrote an original Wild Cards miniseries. The thing that’s been hardest so far is the way that comics and prose experience things like dialogue and description differently. Dialogue, especially, just behaves differently in the two media.

    TFAW.com: You’re a very successful science fiction and fantasy writer in your own right. Has that helped you adapt A Game of Thrones? Do you think you’ll want to branch out and create original fantasy comics?

    DA: I hope it’s helped. I think it has. It’s certainly been illuminating for me to reread A Game of Thrones this carefully and with this kind of attention to the function and structure of every scene. It’s easy to just be swept away in the story, and having a project that keeps pulling my attention back to things like what a description or line of dialogue does has been fascinating.

    As far as writing original comics, my secret agenda is to get enough experience that I can pitch an idea of my own that I’ve been keeping in a box lo these many years.

    TFAW.com: A Game of Thrones has been getting a lot of attention because of the HBO series, which means a lot of readers might be going from the TV show to the comics, without reading the book! Does that put a lot of pressure on you?

    A Game of Thrones #2 Page 3DA: Not really. My mandate is to be as true to the book as I can. I hope that someone coming from HBO will pick this up and be drawn in by what we’ve done, and come away with a deeper understanding of all the things they saw on the show.

    Things like why Lyanna Stark is important and the deep moral ambiguity of Dany’s relationship with Khal Drogo are hard to get across when you’re compressing the book down to an hour of television. HBO did a great job with it, but because we have different constraints, we get to take the story a little deeper.

    TFAW.com: Fans, or potential fans, now have three ways to get the story of A Game of Thrones: the novel, the TV show, and the comic. What do you think are the advantages of each medium for the reader, or viewer?

    I think the books will always have the advantage of being the primary source. Everything that any of us do around it is constrained by the original novel, but the original novel was free to do whatever it needed to.

    The HBO show really is a masterpiece of condensing and simplifying without dumbing it down, and I’m deeply impressed with the work they did. The comic book will, I hope, give the story of the novel and the visual power of the television show, and also give a sense of the really epic scale of the story that’s not limited by a production budget.

    A Game of Thrones #2 Page 4TFAW.com: Are there plans to adapt the other books from A Song of Fire and Ice?

    DA: I wouldn’t go for plans so much as intentions. If the readership’s there, I would love to see the whole Song of Ice and Fire saga in this medium.

    TFAW.com: Issue #1 just came out; what issues are you on, writing-wise?

    DA: I’m scripting issue #10 right now.

    TFAW.com: Are there any moments you’re really looking forward to writing, or really dreading?

    DA: I haven’t gotten to the Eyrie yet, and it’s less that I’m looking forward to writing those scenes, as that I’m wanting to see what Tommy does with them. And there’s the big spoilery turning point of the whole book. I’m looking at that one with dread and anticipation in more or less equal measure.

    TFAW.com: Tommy, you’ve done a lot of cool fantasy and science-fiction work in the past, like BOOM!’s Farscape comics and Grimm Fairy Tales for Zenescope. Did you ever think you’d be drawing A Game of Thrones?

    Tommy Patterson: To be honest I wasn’t aware of the series until I was trying out for the job. It took about a week of research to realize how huge this thing really is. I am humbled to be a part of it. I feel lucky to be part of the A Game of Thrones tornado. To take it a bit further, until I actually got the job, I just figured it was too good to be true.

    A Game of Thrones #2 Page 5TFAW.com: What attracts you to the fantasy genre?

    TP: Growing up with a bunch of comic-loving friends, we discovered D&D, and I’ve been a fan since. I’m not a big novel reader, but role-playing games I feel give you a similar experience. You get transported into another place and time. When I draw, it’s all about transferring the images in your head to the page.

    TFAW.com: What input does George R. R. Martin have on the look of the A Game of Thrones comics?

    TP: I send the pages and designs off, and more times than not George likes what I’ve done. He really pushed me on the design of The Other and the Iron Throne. I know how much time he put into writing, and I want so bad for him to get exactly what he wants.

    TFAW.com: What kind of reference, if any, have you used for the costumes, buildings, and props?

    TP: Sheesh, where to start. I’ve looked at everything that has come before I joined to party. I’ve checked out tons of books from the library. I’ve watched numerous documentaries and movies. I’ve even looked at fan art. Finally, I look at the HBO stuff to see what not to do, haha. I’m supposed to stay away from any of their designs. A couple of times I’ve done something close to the HBO show and I swear I didn’t look at it. George sends along things from time to time when I can’t seem to hit the right note.

    A Game of Thrones #2TFAW.com: It’s my understanding that you two were working on the comics before the HBO series debuted. Have you seen the show yet?

    TP: I watched the first episode just to see how good it was. Wow, does it look fantastic. My wife watched the whole series and tells me what I’m missing. I’m too scared I’ll be influenced by it to watch any more. As soon as I’m done with issue #24 I’ll fire it up and enjoy it.

    TFAW.com: Do you have a favorite character to draw?

    TP: Tyrion. It’s fun drawing ugly characters.

    TFAW.com: What was challenging to you about tackling this book? Is there anything that was completely new to you?

    TP: The challenge is the scope of it. I’ve designed 80% of it myself. Some stuff is from calendars, like the cities I got to reference. It’s also a larger book. 29 pages is no joke, so I have very little time off. Not complaining, because I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the known universe. So basically the roster and giving everyone their own look is the biggest challenge.

    TFAW.com: What other types of comics do you want to do next?

    TP: I would be happy doing the next book in the series. As far as other types, I’m a superhero guy at heart. I want to draw the Hulk before I die.

    We want to thank Daniel and Tommy for taking the time from their very busy schedules to answer our questions! Make sure to pre-order A Game of Thrones comics now, and check out our exclusive five-page preview of A Game of Thrones #2, out October 26!



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