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    10 Free Comic Book Day Books You Need To Pick Up

    Free Comic Book DayEvery year, Free Comic Book Day grows by leaps and bounds. What started as just a few comic companies giving out a handful of comics has transformed into over 15 companies and 50+ comics! With many stores implementing strict limits on just how many books you can pick up, you need to make every choice count.

    Luckily, your friends at TFAW have come through with a list of the 10 comics you need to grab this Free Comic Book Day. Why 10? Because that just happens to be the number of comics we generously give at each of our retail locations.

    If you’re a Portland, Oregon or Los Angeles, Calfornia resident and want to join in on our Free Comic Book Day festivities, check us out on Facebook (Milwaukie , Portland, Beaverton, Universal Citywalk) for all the info you could want about our Free Comic Book Day event, including signing schedules. If you aren’t local, keep an eye on our website as we’re going to offer a sale you won’t want to miss starting on May 6th. Plus every order placed on May 6th will recive a Free Comic Book Day comic at random! (While supplies last)

    Want to visit your Local Comic Shop? Visit ComicShopLocator.com to find your nearest Comic Book Store!

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    Iron Fist No More

    Mike Danny isleft What happens when the Living Weapon loses his power? Syncing up perfectly with the release of his new Netflix show, Danny Rand, a.k.a Iron Fist, spins out of the acclaimed Power Man & Iron Fist and into his own ongoing adventures.

    Iron Fist
    Iron Fist

    Iron Fist #1 features a very different Danny Rand. He’s no longer the Iron Fist. Danny is left powerless and lost following the destruction of the magical city of K’un L’un. We find him drifting around the world of underground fighting rings. He’s taking more and more dangerous fights in the hopes of once again feeling like the Living Weapon.

    Is Danny Losing His Powers?

    There has always been a lot of dramatic potential in comics for a hero losing his powers. This book is no exception. Writer Ed Brisson fashions a much darker Iron Fist story than we’ve seen before. Without his powers Danny is forced to confront who he really is. He’s spent so much time with the mantle of the Iron Fist that it seems he’s lost some of his humanity.

    While this is an existential character story, it also features the highly kinetic kung fu sequences Iron Fist fans crave. Mike Perkins draws the action exceptionally well.He mixes a brooding noirish vibe with intense and fast paced fight scenes. Colorist Andy Troy deserves a shout out for his bleak minimalist palette that pairs well with the moody and somber tone established by Brisson and Perkins.

    The first issue does a great job of dropping us back into the world of Iron Fist. It puts us inside the head of Danny Rand as he adjusts to his new status quo. The final few pages hint at a much larger story that’s brewing. However, keeping things somewhat grounded to start is great call.


    Iron Fist #1, Marvel Comics, Released March 22, 2017, Written by Ed Brisson, Art by Mike Perkins, Color by Andy Troy, $3.99

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    Luke Cage Comes to Danny Rand’s Aid

    Power Man & Iron Fist #9

    Sweet Christmas! Marvel’s new Civil War II has officially collided with the world of Power Man & Iron Fist and the fiddle-faddle hits the fan. In Power Man & Iron Fist #8, Ulysses had a vision of Luke Cage staging a prison break to bust out his best friend Danny Rand and Captain Marvel and her future-preventing crew were on their way to bust it up.

    The newest issue of Power Man & Iron Fist hits the ground running as Power Man and his cohorts take on Carol and her squad in a huge super-powered confrontation. The action flies fast but so do the jokes, writer David Walker continues to bring a light and breezy tone to this book. Even in the large battle scenes, which are awesomely rendered by artist Sanford Greene, Walker never lets things feel too heavy. The stakes are high but the action is above all fun.

    Power Man & Iron Fist has been one of the biggest bright spots of the current Marvel lineup because it’s main focus is on the friendship between Luke and Danny. It’s one of comics’ best bromances and we see Luke’s desperation to get his friend back throughout this issue. If this were anyone else he might not have put his neck on the line so much, but Power Man needs Iron Fist and vice versa. Seeing these two reunited in this issue just makes me feel good. Their banter is one of the book’s greatest strengths.

    This is of course a tie-in with the major Marvel Civil War II event, and it’s always tricky to make these not feel forced. But this issue does a great job of folding the Civil War story in naturally. It actually enhances Luke and Danny’s story instead of feeling an intrusion. It adds greater stakes to the already engrossing struggle to break Iron Fist out of prison. This book strikes a great balance of superhero action and classic buddy humor, and I can’t recommend it enough.


    Power Man & Iron Fist #9, Marvel Comics, rated T+, released October 12, 2016, written by David Walker, pencils and inks by Sanford Greene & Flaviano, colors by John Rauch, letters by Clayton Cowles, cover by Sanford Greene, 3.99.

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