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    I Am Groot #1: I Am, Well, You Know

    Capitalizing on the success of its newest blockbuster, Marvel has given Groot the starring role in his own comic with I Am Groot #1. Like in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Groot is not a full tree; instead, he is an adorable adolescent twig. Unfortunately, his maturity matches his size, and this causes him to get in the way of his fellow guardians. To make up for it, the anthropomorphic tree tries to help. However, he ultimately fails, leaving him stranded at the other end of the galaxy.

    I Am Groot #1

    I Am Groot #1 Features a Strong Creative Team

    Writer Christopher Hastings wisely includes Groot’s teammates in the comic. This addition means that we aren’t constantly inundated with “I am Groot” – though there’s plenty of that. The comic also features new characters as well. One such character is Buddy, a dog-like creature that Groot meets on the other side of known space.

    Flaviano provides the gripping otherworldly artwork. He gets to show off his skills with a variety of scenes ranging from the close confines of a spaceship to the vastness of space to some pretty funky alien landscapes.

    However, it’s colorist Marcio Menyz who really shines in this inaugural issue. Menyz showcases his considerable talent in the space scenes. Some of the standout colors include the glow of rocket engines and interstellar phenomena illuminate the pitch blackness of space. With colorful characters like Gamora, Rocket Raccoon and Drax, Menyz has a broad pallet to work with.

    I Am Groot #1 is only the first chapter of a larger story that hopefully reunites our wooden character with the rest of his team. It’s a story well worth reading and is highly recommend for fans of the character.

    I Am Groot #1, Marvel Comics, Released May 24, 2017, Written by Christopher Hastings; Art by Flaviano; Colors by Marcio Menyz; Lettering by VC’s Joe Caramagna; $3.99.

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    Free Comic Book Day – Review of Doctor Who

    doctor who the four doctors free new comic book day editionDoctor Who free comic book day 2016 edition features four independent stories with the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth doctors. Each adventure puts the doctor in unique situations. From giant robots, inter dimensional conduits and planet hackers, this comic takes readers through space and time into the Doctor Who universe.

    I have never gotten into the TV show, and knew only a little about Doctor Who before reading this. What I immediately liked was the Doctor’s unique personality. Unique is the only way I can describe it because it changes in every story in this comic. The first story, “Robo Rampage” sees the twelfth doctor saving a city, and cursing human stupidity. It throws you right into the action, and gives you a glimpse of the Doctor Who universe. However, as a first time reader, it does leave you a little lost.

    The second story, “Obsessions” gives an insight into the Doctors mind, and the difficulties of being a time lord. The story is less action packed, and instead focuses on the Doctor and the other characters aboard the Tardis. It contrasts the Doctor with another character that at first appears to be the polar opposite. In many ways he is, and yet in others they are very similar. This comparison adds depth to both characters, yet refrains from getting too deep or sentimental due to the contrasts in personalities.

    The third story, “Lady of the Blue Box” also takes place on the Tardis, and serves as an explanation for the Doctor Who universe, or at least part of it. The story uses a newcomer to the Tardis, and someone who has been there awhile (who is not the Doctor), to explain the obscurities and mysteries of the Tardis. It is mostly focused on explaining the Tardis itself, but the tenth Doctor has some funny moments the accentuate his personality.

    Finally, the fourth story, “Hacked” follows the ninth doctor and two companions to an alien world. All seems normal as the Doctor shows them around, until (potential spoilers) … some strange buildings start appearing. This story really expands the Doctor Who universe. It shows just how long the Doctor has been around, and the true extent of his knowledge. The comic as a whole serves as an excellent introduction to the Doctor Who universe, and left me excited to keep reading more subsequent to New Comic Book Day.

    Robo Rampage. Writer: Robbie Morrison. Artists: Simon Fraser, Gary Caldwell. Publisher: Titan Comics.
    Obsessions. Writers: Si Spurrier, Rob Williams. Artists: Leonardo Romero, Marcio Menyz. Publisher: Titan Comics.
    Lady of the Blue Box. Nick Abadzis. Artists: Eleonora Carlini, Arianna Florean. Publisher: Titan Comics.
    Hacked. Writer: Cavan Scott. Artists: Mariano Laclaustra, Carlos Cabrera. Publisher: Titan Comics.

    Review by Ben Getchell.

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