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    Artist Valley at Denver Comic-Con!

    Sure you can read the comic books, graphic novels and other work of our favorite artists, but how often do you get to meet ’em in person and watch them create some of their amazing works? Fortunately there are ‘Cons and this weekend is Denver Comic-Con in the Mile High City. Are they all famous with massive followings and dozens of comics here in the TFAW catalog? Not all of them. Not yet. But they’re all remarkably talented and it’s a treat to see ’em at work.

    Here are just some of the artists I bumped into, hard at work on their next masterpieces.


    Javier Avila, hard at work on one of his pieces. We’ll forgive him being a Chelsea fan!

    artist alley, cartoonist, denver comic-con 2016

    Steve Oatney doing one of his many quick pencil sketches.

    artist alley, denver comic con 2016

    The talented DIHA working on one of her many portraiture sketches. And +1 for hair color too!

    artist alley, denver comic con 2016

    Gabriel Hernandez. Note the beautiful set of pens on his right and the
    reference art on his iPad in the foreground.

    artist alley, denver comic con 2016

    The talented Matt Haley, who we’ve interviewed for TFAW!
    [read our interview with Matt Haley and a link to Matt Haley’s works for sale at TFAW]

    jose delbo, artist alley, denver comic con

    Old school comic book art and an astonishing portfolio from legend Jose Delbo.
    [Jose Delbo’s works for sale at TFAW]

    denver comic-con 2016

    Brett Morgan working on a piece. Note his iPhone showing reference art for the picture.

    artist alley, denver comic con 2016

    Another legend of the comic book world, Alex Saviuk, who makes it all look oh, so easy…
    [Alex Saviuk’s works for sale at TFAW]

    artist alley, denver comic con 2016

    Really liked the pieces from Brett Nienburg, including this very complex sketch he was finishing up.

    artist alley, denver comic con 2016

    Julia Reck finishing up one of her sketches. Note the cheery tablecloth too!

    artist alley, denver comic con 2016

    Kevin Taylor, who not only was finishing up a great sketch, but was enjoying the process too!

    artist alley, denver comic con 2016

    Javier Cruz Winnik proudly shows his latest graphic novel to a young “V”
    and his traveling companion/bodyguard.

    One thing that also struck me as I explore the over 300 artists exhibiting in Artist Valley at Denver Comic-Con 2016 was the impressive diversity of the artists in race, gender, age and just about any other dimension you’d care to measure. It’s been a long journey to get here, but it’s wonderful to see such a diverse set of artists sharing their works great and up-and-coming!

    Congrats to Denver Comic-Con for a great regional event and for bringing so darn many talented artists together in the same space. You could learn quite a bit just by walking around and talking to ’em, let alone watching them draw…

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    Exclusive Interview: Artist Matt Haley

    artist matt haleyQ: When did you get interested in comics, and what’s the first comic book series you remember really liking?

    A: Neal Adams’ Batman reprints ruled my little world, loved when he had a thirty-foot long cape and a tiny Bat-sports-coupe. There’s something that hits me viscerally to read them even today.

    Q: First published work?

    A: “Star Trek: The Next Generation Annual #2”, reprinted in “The Best Of Star Trek:TNG” TPB from DC Comics. Bob Greeneberger got my samples in the mail when I was in college in New Mexico and hired me. I’ve apologized for the ulcer I gave him!

    Q: What other artists influenced and continue to influence you and your style?

    How much room have we got? Early on in comics, it was Gil Kane and James Sherman. Also Neal Adams and Michael Kaluta. Was a devourer of art books and museums as a kid, lots of representational artists in there. These days, it’s all over the map. Was recently introduced to Kehinde Wylie who is blowing my mind. Lots of inspirational artists I follow on Instagram.

    Q: Do you use computers, tablets and software, or are you old-school with pens and a scanner?

    Both – for commercial projects like “Gotham Stories” it’s digital, since the art had to be prepped for animation. For covers like Ninjak #13, it’s a combination of old-school art and digital coloring. Lately I pencil in Procreate on an iPad Pro!

    Matt Haley panel sketch

    Q: What are you reading nowadays?

    Right now, “Paper Girls” from Image. Also have enjoyed “Faith” from Valiant, and thankfully NEXUS by Mike Baron and Steve “Dude” Rude is back. Also “The Four Norsemen Of The Apocalypse” from Devil’s Due/First with art by John Lucas, terrifyingly good stuff. it’s a great time to be a comics fan!

    Q: Favorite comic book -> movie adaptation and TV show?

    It changes – still love the pilot for “The Incredible Hulk”. Bill Bixby’s acting made it such a great updating of the “Jekyll & a Hyde” story. Watch it on Netflix, it’s still scary good.

    tangent comics #2Q: What’s next for your career?

    Lots more writing and developing my own stories. Have directed a television pilot and am eagerly looking forward to more of that. Have two scripts out and writing has really grabbed me lately!

    Q: What’s one title you think is a good example of your art / writing here at TFAW?

    The Tangent Comics TPB Volume #2 from DC Comics. Loved and adored creating Tangent: Joker with Karl Kesel and Tom Simmons, would love to revisit her some day. Lots of leaping figures and weird high-tech environments!

    Q: Where were you born, what did you study in college, what are the names of your pets, if you have any, and where do you live now?

    From Texas, grew up in New Mexico. College was a way for me to escape and while I didn’t study hard, ENMU was a growth experience. My professor emeritus was Jack Williamson, grandmaster of science fiction!

    You can learn more about Matt Haley at MattHaley.com or on Instagram as @MattHaleyArt for random art giveaways and new sketches. And check out his art for Fox’s Gotham Stories too!

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