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    10 Free Comic Book Day Books You Need To Pick Up

    Free Comic Book DayEvery year, Free Comic Book Day grows by leaps and bounds. What started as just a few comic companies giving out a handful of comics has transformed into over 15 companies and 50+ comics! With many stores implementing strict limits on just how many books you can pick up, you need to make every choice count.

    Luckily, your friends at TFAW have come through with a list of the 10 comics you need to grab this Free Comic Book Day. Why 10? Because that just happens to be the number of comics we generously give at each of our retail locations.

    If you’re a Portland, Oregon or Los Angeles, Calfornia resident and want to join in on our Free Comic Book Day festivities, check us out on Facebook (Milwaukie , Portland, Beaverton, Universal Citywalk) for all the info you could want about our Free Comic Book Day event, including signing schedules. If you aren’t local, keep an eye on our website as we’re going to offer a sale you won’t want to miss starting on May 6th. Plus every order placed on May 6th will recive a Free Comic Book Day comic at random! (While supplies last)

    Want to visit your Local Comic Shop? Visit ComicShopLocator.com to find your nearest Comic Book Store!

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    Review: Spider-Man Deadpool #8 – Patient Zero, I Presume?

    Spider-Man Deadpool #8 Review

    spider-man deadpool #8After taking a two-month hiatus, Joe Kelly and Ed McGuiness have returned! Two filler issues, guest authored by Comedy Bang! Bang! host Scott Aukerman and Gerry Duggan, author of the regular Deadpool series, were good (one was dead brilliant), but they broke up the continuity of this fantastic series that has sold out every issue. Spider-Man Deadpool #1 is currently in its 5th printing!

    Way back in Spider-Man Deadpool #5, Peter Parker was twice iced by Deadpool. Instead of going to hell, where ‘Pool expected, Parker ended up fighting for his soul against Mysterio’s manifestations of Gwen Stacy, Uncle Ben, and Doc Ock. DP, realizing his mistake in killing Parker (twice), arrived to help Pete fight his way out and ended up having to call in a favor with an old flame, Death, to get them both sent home. It turns out the whole setup was a ruse to get Parker out of his office at Parker Industries so that Patient Zero could sneak in, brilliantly disguised as Pete, in order to steal something.

    In Spider-Man Deadpool #8, get ready to see a darker side of Spider-Man. He has donned a sinister looking new suit, black with an angular red spider on the chest and back. Spidey is pissed, and has every right to be. He has figured out that the Degenerate Regenerate used friendship to blind him to the fact that he intended on killing Peter Parker all along. Though they still have to work together to fight Patient Zero, there is palpable tension between the pair, and the web slinger has some choice, pointed words for Deadpool. The only thing keeping these two from going at it at this point in the story is their shared intense hatred for Patient Zero.

    Joe Kelly and Ed McGuiness have delivered again. The script is on point. The artwork is brilliant. This is honestly my favorite series to read and review right now. I’m excited to know how this story will end, but I really don’t like that there are only two more issues planned for this title. With any luck, the suits over at Marvel will consider making this summer series into a regular ongoing title.

    Spider-Man Deadpool #8, Marvel Comics, released August 10, 2016, written by Joe Kelly, pencils by Ed McGuiness, Inks by Mark Morales and Livesay, color by Jason Keith, letters by VC’s Joe Sabino, $3.59

    Review by Brendan Allen.

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    Review: Spider-Man Deadpool #5

    Review: Spider-Man Deadpool #5

    spider-man deadpool #5Peter Parker is dead. I know what you’re thinking. He can’t really be dead, can he? He can. He is. Dead. Perished. Liquidated. Breathless. Pushing up daisies. Expired. Extinct. Cadaverous. This isn’t some trick with a body double, or a clone, or an android. Peter Parker is dead.

    Deadpool cashed in his contract on Peter Parker to end chapter four. One bullet in Parker’s face, two in his chest. This happened only hours after Spider-Man and Deadpool had the time of their lives tearing up the dance floor in ‘Pool’s night club. The Merc’ with a Mouth was finally getting some traction in his efforts to befriend Spidey, and then unknowingly killed him the very next morning.

    The first scenes of Spider-Man Deadpool #5 show Peter Parker headed toward the proverbial light, and Deadpool giddily getting dressed up to bear witness to Parker’s torture in Hell. Deadpool is so certain that Parker will end up in Hell, based on the information that was provided for him by his mysterious client, that he has reserved a spot for Pete with one of Hell’s master torturers.

    When Peter doesn’t show, DP assumes the wires must have gotten crossed somehow. He enlists the help of his wife Shiklah to bring Parker back to life, so he can send him off again, hopefully to the destination ‘Pool was initially anticipating.

    When killing Peter Parker twice doesn’t land Parker’s soul in hell, Deadpool is finally starting to come around that he may have been duped. Peter Parker must be a good man. But where is Pete’s soul now?

    Joe Kelly continues to show us a side of Deadpool that isn’t seen very often. ‘Pool apparently has a deep sense of honor and morality, he just doesn’t know how to express these traits without sending some lead down range and making penis jokes. He honestly thought he was ridding the world of a “mad scientist hell-bent on abusing wealth and power to generally screw over mankind.”

    Mistakes happen.

    Now Deadpool is on a relentless mission to save Peter Parker’s soul. You see what they did there? This whole time, we thought Parker would be the one saving Deadpool’s soul.

    Spider-Man Deadpool #5, released May 25, 2016, written by Joe Kelly, art by Ed McGuinness, colors by Jason Keith, letters by VC’s Joe Sabino.

    Review by Brendan Allen.

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    Review: Spider-Man Deadpool #3

    Review: Spider-Man Deadpool #3

    Spider-Man Deadpool #3In the first two chapters of Isn’t It Bromantic, Spider-Man has been doing his level best to avoid spending any time at all around Deadpool. At the end of the last issue, DP shows a moment of humanity when he saves the life of Mysterio, Quentin Beck, after having run him down with the ‘Pool Buggy. Spider-Man is moved enough by ‘Pool’s gesture that he finally breaks down and gives Deadpool his phone number.

    Spider-Man Deadpool #3 opens in Quentin Beck’s hospital room, where Deadpool and Peter Parker are both visiting the comatose Beck. It looks as though ‘Pool is about to cash in his contract on Pete when Spider-Man (Hobie Brown) appears and distracts Deadpool long enough for Peter Parker to suggest that Spider-Man and Deadpool have a man-date the following day.

    On said man-date, a series of smash cuts takes us from staged scene to staged scene, where the Merc’ with a Mouth is desperately trying (and failing) to convince Spider-Man that he is a changed man. The action really starts to pick up when the duo ends up in a Bolivian village, where they meet up with the Mercs For Money (TM, patent pending). One of the best interactions in the chapter happens in the middle of a massive gunfight. Spider-Man, who does not speak any Spanish, tries to interview Massacre, who speaks no English, about Deadpool’s character and intent.

    So far, this has been a very solid series. These first three issues have primarily been setting up the inevitable confrontation between Deadpool and Spider-Man. We’re starting to see some real depth to Deadpool’s constitution. We still don’t know who is pulling the strings to frame Peter Parker and get him killed, and Spider-Man is yet unaware of the volume or horrific nature of the evidence against Peter Parker. Deadpool has no idea that the man he’s trying to kill and his hero, who he’s trying to manipulate into helping, are one and the same.

    The slow building tension is palpable. I’m sitting somewhere between eagerness and anxiety regarding the seemingly inexorable showdown between ‘Pool and Spidey.

    Spider-Man Deadpool #3, released March 9, 2016, written by: Joe Kelly, artist: Ed McGuiness, ink: Mark Morales, color: Jason Keith, $3.19

    Review by Brendan Allen.

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    Free Comic Book Day – Review of Captain America

    free comic book day - captain america / spider-manEveryone’s favorite earnest WWII superhero Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) is coming back to comics and what better opportunity to highlight that than with New Comic Book Day? Marvel’s released a terrific issue that’s focused front and center on Rogers, starting with him attending a Senate Intelligence hearing about the renewed threat of Hydra to peace loving Americans around the world.

    Commander Sharon Carter of SHIELD is in the hot seat, defending the agency for its failure to prevent a Hydra attack in Brussels the previous week. In a sophisticated story turn, SHIELD did stop the Hydra terrorists from blowing up the Chrysler building in New York City, but that wasn’t the only thing the nefarious Hydra was planning. Lack of perfection, fallout from their battles to defend innocent people, it’s very much the story that propels the splendid new Captain America: Civil War movie, and that’s no accident, of course!

    Falcon and Eagle show up as part of the SHIELD team, with a great sequence where they try to stop a renegade Hydra driver, and finally there’s a surprise appearance at the Intelligence hearing too, as most of the action in the story is told in flashbacks, a very cinematic technique that helps propel this story along at a brisk pace.

    The second half of the book is a Spider-Man story called Dead No More, which resurrects Oksana and The Rhino as part of a shadowy plot by, well, someone who doesn’t have our best interests at heart, nor those of business owner Peter Parker. It’s a fun second story to this free issue and together they’re a great pair, well worth picking up!

    Oh, and I’m definitely #TeamCap when it comes to the movie too.

    Steve Rogers, Captain America: Written by Nick Spencer, art by Jesus Saiz, and The Amazing Spider-Man: Written by Dan Slott, art by Javier Garron.

    Review by Dave Taylor.

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