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    Action Comics #977: A Walk Down Memory Lane

    The death of the New 52 Superman. The discovery of another Clark Kent. The near loss of his son Jon at the hands of Mister Mxyzptlk. Kal-El has had little time for reflection. But his latest adventure with Mxyzptlk has shaken him to the core–and left him wondering about his true past. Is someone manipulating him and the entire DC universe?

    Action Comics #977 (variant cover)
    Action Comics #977 (variant cover)

    Superman Reborn Aftermath Part One Begins

    Action Comics #977 expertly alternates between the past and present, Superman relives the final hours of his home planet, Krypton. For the first time, he sees his parents struggle as they say goodbye to their infant son. They are comforted only by the fact that Earth’s yellow sun will give him power and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. Writer Dan Jurgens even manages to slip in a political reference, with superdad Jor-El. He’s complaining that his planet’s leaders would rather embrace money than trying to save their people from the coming catastrophic natural disaster.

    Supes also witnesses his arrival on Earth and his rescue and adoption by the Kents. At the same time, a mysterious villain is assembling a rogues gallery of super adversaries including Metallo and Blanque.

    Artist Ian Churchill is given the plum assignment of depicting the futuristic Krypton (complete with baby Kal-El’s superbinky). In addition, he has the task of bringing to life the seemingly endless cornfields of Kansas that the Kents call home. His more modern depiction of the assembly of villains is seemingly taken straight from the Matrix, which adds to the intrigue. But it’s his multiple splash-page depictions of Superman himself that make the reader want to come back for more.

    And with a story and art like this, keeping readers hooked on this Action Comics series isn’t going to be a problem.


    Action Comics #977, DC Comics, Released April 12, 2017, Written by Dan Jurgens, Art by Ian Churchill, Colors by Hi-Fi, Lettering by Rob Leigh, $2.99

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    This is a Job For…Clark Kent

    Action Comics #973 opens with Clark Kent shaving in his Metropolis apartment. Then it cuts to Clark Kent working under the hood of a pickup truck on his family’s farm. How can Clark be in two places at once? A mysterious, human Clark Kent has been puzzling Superman since Action Comics #957.

    Action Comics #973 Variant Cover
    Action Comics #973 Variant Cover

    Having his doppelganger fill in for him at The Daily Planet frees up some time for the big man to be Super, but it raises some interesting dilemmas. For instance, how will Lois handle it when “Other Clark” asks her out? This guy is clearly an imposter, but the investigative reporter in her wants to know more.

    Meanwhile, the Last Son of Krypton responds to an intruder alarm at his Fortress of Solitude. This is unprecedented for several reasons. First, no one really knows the Fortress exists. Then, there’s a six-ton boulder blocking the entrance should anyone accidently stumble upon the secret locale.

    The Road to Superman: Reborn Starts Here!

    This chapter is really two stories simultaneously unfolding. The separation between Lois Lane’s story and Kal-El’s allows Lois’ character to develop nicely. Dan Jurgens (Batman Beyond, Justice League) is giving us a nice slow burn on the mystery of DoppelClark. The development is paced brilliantly, keeping the enigma fresh without rushing the blow off.

    Pat Zircher (Green Arrow, Black Panther) and Steven Segovia (Batman: Arkham Knight) split art duties, with Segovia penciling the Superman story and Zircher handling the Lois/Clark sequences. This arrangement highlights the dichotomy between the two scripts, while having Arif Prianto color the entire chapter lends continuity throughout.

    Action Comics is stepping forward as another DC Rebirth title to watch. This chapter is a little light on action, but makes up for it in suspense. Lots of loose ends are left hanging with the promise that everything will make sense very soon.


    Action Comics #973, DC Comics, Released February 8, 2017, Rated T, Written by Dan Jurgens, Pencils by Pat Zircher and Steven Segovia, Color by Arif Prianto, Letters by Rob Leigh, Cover by Clay Mann and Brad Anderson, $2.99

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    Review: Superman #6 — Dark Side of the Moon

    superman #6 review

    Superman #6 cover artHow far would you go to protect your child? If you’re Superman, the answer is practically destroying the moon of your adopted world.

    Superman #6, the final installment in the DC Rebirth Son of Superman arc, pits the Man of Steel against the Kryptonian Eradicator duking it out on the surface of the moon. This baddie believes in the purity of Kryptonian race, and sees Clark’s and Lois’ half-breed son as an abomination that will bring down what’s left of its people.

    If you haven’t followed the adventures of Superman lately, you’re likely to be confused. But here’s a quick primer: The New 52 Superman – whose stories we’ve been following for the last five-plus years – is dead. He’s been replaced by the original pre-New 52 Man of Steel, who is married to Lois Lane and has a superpowered son named Jon. Confused yet? (Then we won’t even mention the other superpowered Lois in Action Comics and the fact that there’s a non-powered Clark Kent running around as well.)

    Writers Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason pull out all the stops during the lunar battle royale, with Supes getting assists from Jon and Lois (who has borrowed one of Batman’s Hellbat armor suits) as well as a certain super dog who was thought to be lost.

    This initial arc has helped to establish the old Superman in this new world. While the Justice League and earth’s citizens were shaken by the loss of their Man of Steel, the world now seems to embrace this new Kal-El.

    While not a cliffhanger, the last page sets up the next story arc – and possibly the premise for the rest of the series. Strap on your red cape. It’s going to be an adventure.

    Superman #6, DC, Released September 7, 2016, Written by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, Art by Patrick Gleason, Inks by Mick Gray, Color by John Kalisz, Lettering by Rob Leigh; $2.99.

    Review by Tom Smithyman

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