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    Rocket Takes On One Last Job In Rocket #1

    When one thinks of the Guardians of The Galaxy it’s impossible not to immediately conjure up images of Rocket. He’s everyone’s favorite roguish raccoon (though don’t let him catch you saying that). Fresh off his critically acclaimed appearance in Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2, Rocket launches into a new solo series all his own, the appropriately titled Trash Panda #1 Rocket #1.

    Rocket #1 Review
    We initially find Rocket in a bar regaling the bartender with tales of his recent Earthbound adventures. Into the bar walks Otta, an old flame from Rocket’s past who left him jailed and heartbroken last he saw her. Of course, she needs his help, which involves Rocket returning to his criminal ways. Rocket is obviously suspicious, but with the fate of Otta’s planet at stake he just can’t help but get involved.

    Writer Al Ewing crafts an extremely clever intergalactic crime story in Rocket #1. This book is as much Ocean’s 11 as it is Guardians of The Galaxy. The idea of Rocket using his natural raccoon abilities of hypersensitive touch and hearing to be a safecracker is ingenious. Ewing also uses the plot to paint Rocket as a reformed thief trying to avoid getting pulled back into the game. It’s a nice reminder that the Guardians characters exist in a darker, more crime-ridden part of the Marvel Universe.

    Rocket #1 Is Some Of Ewing’s Best Work Yet

    Artist Adam Gorham obviously has a ball creating a ragtag crew of animal inspired aliens. Seeing Rocket and his crew in stylish matching suits plays into the fun, caper vibe of the comic. It’s exactly the kind of story and attitude we expect of Rocket and it’s clear from this first issue that he’s in the hands of a perfectly matched creative team.

    If you’ve seen the movies or loved the Guardians comics and just can’t enough of this acerbic raccoon, then Rocket #1 is the perfect jumping on point for his solo adventures.


    Rocket #1, Marvel Comics, Released May 10th, 2017, Written by Al Ewing, Art by Adam Gorham, Cover by Mike Mayhew, $3.99

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    Rocket Raccoon: Kraven for the Kill

    Any well-written Rocket Raccoon book is going to have more great one-liners and quips than can be packed into a concise review. But here are some examples from writer Matthew Rosenberg in Rocket Raccoon #3.

    “I’m one of the X-MenAvengers! I meant I’m one of the Avengers!”
    “I know I’m not the first guy to ride this boat in his underwear, so you can all take a walk.”
    “Who are you talking to buddy?” “I’m monologuing.” “Oh, OK.”

    Rocket Raccoon #3
    Rocket Raccoon #3

    These are just a few of the humorous lines that should get you hooked. But if it’s not enough, there’s plenty more to put you over the top as the smallest of the Guardians of the Galaxy takes on a big adversary.

    Let the Hunting Begin!

    In Rocket Raccoon #3, Rocket has been stranded on Earth after the Guardians of the Galaxy’s spaceship was destroyed in Civil War II. Then there’s the appearance of Kraven the Hunter. He’s spearheading–literally–an alien hunting contest and has set his sights squarely on the heroic Rocket.

    Jorge Coelho’s art is the cherry on top of this action-packed issue. The first page displays the hunter in all his glory. “You’re going to believe the guy wearing an animal’s face and yoga pants over me?” Rocket complains to the cops. And a hilarious scene featuring Kraven’s 80’s-era party van–complete with his likeness atop a horse. There’s also Rocket running around New York in nothing more than jockey shorts to complete the story’s appeal.

    This issue is a cliffhanger that will keep even the casual reader coming back for more.


    Rocket Raccoon #3, Marvel Comics, Released February 22, 2017, Written by Matthew Rosenberg, Art by Jorge Coelho, Color by Antonio Fabela, Lettering by David Nakayama; $3.99.

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