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    Cities Burning. Nations Falling. Betrayal…Death…

    This quote from East of West  pretty much sums up what’s in store. “This is the world. It’s not the one we were supposed to have, but it’s the one we made. We did this. We did it with open eyes and willing hands. We broke it, and there is no putting it back together.”

    East of West is a Science Fiction Western set in the savage frontier of a future dystopian America. In this version of events, the American Civil War didn’t end until 1908. In the fallout caused by the Civil War, seven nations formed.

    One of these, The Endless Indian Nation, is the spotlight of East of West #30.

    A War To End All Wars

    Issue #30 opens up a new story arc as the first chapter in the third and final year of Apocalypse. War has arrived at the threshold of Machine City, the capital of Endless Nation.

    The Council of Chiefs meets within the city walls as a seemingly insurmountable force gathers around them. Narishma, The Chief of Chiefs, wishes to attempt diplomacy before enacting his secret military failsafe. His council isn’t fully on board with the plan, but they eventually concede.

    Meanwhile, three of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse are drawn to the conflict. War, Famine, and Conquest are determined to fulfill The Message and bring about the final act of Apocalypse. The fourth Horseman, Death, is conspicuously absent.

    Jonathan Hickman’s script is weird and dark, and it pulls the reader straight in. Nick Dragotta’s artwork is stunning. Tiny details pop in close up panels, while he nails massive battle scenes. Somehow, Frank Martin’s use of bright primary colors sells the macabre nature of the script even further.


    East of West #30, Image Comics, Released December 28, 2016, Rated T+, Story by Jonathan Hickman, Art and Cover by Nick Dragotta, Colors by Frank Martin, Letters by Rus Wooten, $3.99

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