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    Heartbleed SSL Update for TFAW Customers

    Hi everyone! We wanted to update you on some recent Internet security-related events, reassure you that TFAW has taken measures to counteract them, and give you some recommendations on how to protect yourselves. The Heartbleed SSL bug has caused much concern over the past week. This bug allows hackers to easily view secure data such as passwords on affected websites.

    Upon hearing the news, we immediately patched our servers and replaced SSL certificates to protect our services and your account. We have not found any evidence that our systems were compromised in any way, but to be cautious we’re still advising all customers to change their TFAW.com passwords, especially if your password was used on any other website. Please log in to your account to change your password, or request a reset here:


    This problem has impacted two-thirds of ALL websites using OpenSSL (that’s tens of millions of websites), so it’s definitely not a TFAW-specific problem.

    For more information about the Heartbleed bug, please visit this realtime coverage page at Google News.

    If you have trouble resetting your password, please contact customer service through our Contact Form: https://www.TFAW.com/Help/Contact.

    At TFAW, we’re committed to the safety and security of all of our customers. We hope this information is both useful, and helps put your minds at ease!

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