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    TFAW at San Diego Comic-Con: Don’t Miss Us!

    san diego comic-con 2016 logoIf you’re heading to San Diego Comic-Con then congrats, you’re in for an amazing few days jam packed with comics, fantasy, scifi, movies, TV series, cosplay and so much more. In fact, you’re going to be exhausted by the end of SDCC. How do we know? Because we go every year and it’s awesome!

    As we’ve done in previous years, TFAW is also going to have a booth where we’ll be selling all sorts of super cool stuff, including SDCC exclusives, Lightsaber lights, board games and more. You do not want to miss what we’ll be offering!

    First, though, here’s how to find us: We’re at Booth 5625 which you can see on this map:

    SDCC Floor map, find us at Booth #5625

    Now you know how to find us, here’s why you’ll want to stop by and pay us a visit!

    First up is our amazing Previews Exclusive Civil War II #0-#4 SDCC Bundle. Check it out:

    TFAW Civil War II bundle for SDCC

    You’ll get all 4 issues bagged and boarded for $18.46.

    Check out these awesome new Catwoman and Wonder Woman Noir Bombshell vinyl figures $29.99 each. Hint: Save $15 when you buy both at SDCC!

    wonder woman + cat woman statue figure figurine bundle for sdcc

    We’ll also have a huge range of Funko pops at the great price of $10 each.

    But we’ve got so much more to help you grow your collection, whether you’re into comic books, graphic novels, figures or just about anything else from the fan universe. Graphic novels? We’ll have them at 25% to 50% off the cover price!

    Mystery Deadpool Keyings will also be available!

    funko pops from tfaw for sdcc

    Tell us you don’t want one right this very second!

    Oh, and there are these, because you need to bring something home for the kids too:

    tsum tsum from tfaw for sdcc

    Don’t tell anyone but I’m a huge fan of the Tsum Tsum Tigger!

    With all our Mystery Blind Boxes and Keyrings at SDCC from Funko and more, if you don’t like who you get, we’ll trade you with one we have on display!

    Tell us that this Harley Quinn 8 inch statue isn’t the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen:

    harley quinn figure figurine sculpture from tfaw for sdcc

    Yup, she’ll be at our booth at San Diego Comic-Con too Booth 5625.

    Please, stop by, check out what we’ve got, and most of all enjoy Comic-Con. We certainly will!

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    TFAW Bucks Are Back!


    Want free money to spend in TFAW Store? Free Comic Book Day is May 2, and to make it even more exciting we are bringing back TFAW Bucks!

    How can you earn TFAW Bucks? Shop at Portland, Beaverton, or Milwaukie TFAW stores all April long, and for every $10 you spend, you’ll receive one TFAW Buck. The more money you spend, the more TFAW Bucks you get!

    How can you redeem TFAW Bucks? Bring them back to our Oregon TFAW stores on Free Comic Book Day and match them with your own money to save on anything in the store!

    Remember, Free Comic Book Day is the only day you can redeem your TFAW Bucks, get up to 10 free comics (while supplies last), meet your favorite comic book creators, and save 20% on almost everything in the store!

    Are you getting pumped for Free Comic Book Day? See what awesome events and deals we’ve got planned for you, and tell us what you are most excited about in the comments below!

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    Get More of What You Love at TFAW

    Get more of what you want at TFAW
    Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Love is definitely in the air, and we’re making it easy for you to get more of what you love this month: comics. During our Get More of What You Love Sale you’ll save 20% off most of our in-stock products. Yeah, that’s right–we’ve doubled our everyday in-stock discount through the end of February from 10% to 20%! That’s nearly 10,000 great in-stock comics, graphic novels, statues, and collectibles to choose from!

    You’ll also save 30% on FEB11 pre-orders through 2/28! So the newest issues of Mass Effect: Evolution, Hellraiser, Action Comics, Captain America, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, and over 1,300 other products are nearly 1/3 off their cover price. Who loves ya?

    I love these in-stock products:

    Joker HC
    Joker HC
    Wolverine Old Man Logan TPB
    Wolverine Old Man Logan TPB
    Star Trek TNG Ghosts #5 (Virgin Variant Cover Edition)
    Star Trek TNG Ghosts #5 (Variant)
    Galactus 19-in Action Figure (variant ed.)
    Galactus 19-in Action Figure (variant ed.)
    Hellboy Library Edition Volume 3: Conqueror Worm and Strange Places HC
    Hellboy Library Edition Volume 3 HC
    Cover Girls Of The DCU Poison Ivy Statue
    Cover Girls Of The DCU Poison Ivy Statue

    I’m also really looking forward to these products (which are 30% off):

    Chew #19
    Chew #19
    Real Ghostbusters Minimates Series 1 Box Set
    Real Ghostbusters Minimates Box Set
    Batman Beyond #4
    Batman Beyond #4
    X-23 Prem HC Vol. 01 Killing Dream
    X-23 Vol. 1 HC
    S.H.I.E.L.D. Infinity
    S.H.I.E.L.D. Infinity
    Deadpool #36
    Deadpool #36

    So what do you love that you got (or plan on getting) from our sale? We’re holding a Twitter contest today, so make sure you follow @TFAW on Twitter and post your comment there.



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    Save 30% on Extinction

    Scouring through this month’s new offerings, I happened upon a title that sounded pretty cool and thought I’d share. Extinction sounds like just the thing for the person who loves post-apocalyptic yarns.

    Dr. Chris Perry spent the good part of his adulthood dealing with the dead. A brilliant pathologist, his position as Chief Medical Examiner at Queen Elizabeth Hospital provided him with the perfect working environment. A deadly virus swept across the globe, wiping out 90% of life on Earth, but some who were infected didn’t die. Chris must find a cure for the disease before a madman, calling himself Hannibal, and his army sacks Chris’ haven on Prince Edward Island and harvests the uninfected population as cattle.

    So if you’re interested, we’re offering a pretty sweet discount on this title: now through 10/9, nab Extinction for 30% off the cover price!

    Check out other horror books here.

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    Spring Cleaning Sale–More Than 300 New Items Added Today!

    Many of you have already heard about our fantastic Spring Cleaning Sale–and from the look of our inventory, a lot of you have been taking full advantage of it! We’ve been selling out of so many items that we added more than 300 new items today, and you’ll save 70% off the whole lot!

    Check through our Spring Cleaning page to browse hundreds of new items: mostly graphic novels and comics, plus some statues and collectibles. We have a limited supply of these items, so if you’ve got your eye on something, make sure to buy it now!

    Who’s already cleaned out our Spring Cleaning Sale? Anyone want to share their favorite purchase? Post below!

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    Graphic Content: Fables

    Hey y’all-

    We’re starting a book club, and you’ll save 20% on all the books we review. Elisabeth and I will read along with you and give you our take on the books. Don’t come for sugar-coated reviews, if we’ve got an issue with the book, we’ll let you know.

    We’re starting off our book club with Bill Willingham’s Fables. The first four Fables TPBs are 20% off now through April 24th, so come on in, save a few bucks when you pick ’em up, and join the conversation about this critically acclaimed series.

    We want you to join the conversation, so come back every Friday to make your thoughts heard. For those of you who do end up commenting on the Graphic Content reviews, we’ll send you an exclusive code to save 20% off the next Fables TPBs.

    We’ll be reviewing Fables TPB Vol. 1: Legends in Exile on May 8th and subsequent books each Friday after that until we catch up with the ongoing monthly comic book.

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    Tax Day Relief:
    Save an additional 15% on thousands of products today only!

    Sick of “The Man” taking your money? We’re stretching your dollar at TFAW.com for Tax Day!

    Now through 11:59 p.m. tonight (PST), you’ll save an additional 15% off TFAW.com’s already great prices. In fact, all our Tax Day Relief products are 25-40% off!

    With nearly 4,000 graphic novels, 3,000+ comics, and 200+ statues to choose from, we know you’ll find just the thing for your collection this Tax Day. Hurry on over, Tax Day savings won’t last forever!

    See all of our Tax Day Relief products.

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    Today’s 28 Days of Comics–Brought to You by the Letter “Y”

    YES! Today’s 28 Days of Comics just updated, and that means you’ll save 28% off all today’s “Y” titles.

    You would think that there aren’t many titles that start with “Y,” and you’d be right, but that makes it much easier to find a great title, because the chaff has already been removed. If you’re like me (and hundreds of thousands of others), you’ll dig Y: The Last Man.

    Set in the near future, Y: The Last Man follows a young man after a catastrophic event where nearly half of the Earth’s population dies in an instant, leaving young Yorick Brown and his pet monkey the last man/male monkey on the planet.

    Is Yorick the last hope for our species, or is he the final warmonger/rapist that needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth? This amazing story leads us around the globe and never seems to hit a lull. Brian K. Vaughan is at the top of his game, and just a few pages in, you can tell that the film adaptation of this story will be a blockbuster.

    Pia Guerra’s exceptional art consistently amazed me throughout the series. She’s the only person on Earth to show us how beautiful (and wicked) this place would be after half the world dies. Get in on this wonderful series, and you won’t be disappointed.

    If you’re looking for a fun book that’s good for all ages, you might want to check out Yam. Yam and his friends live on a remote tropical island and are always getting mixed up in adventures.

    Whether it’s encountering cupcakes that spring to life, befriending potted flowers, or exploring the mysterious ruins on the island, this small boy in his hooded, footy pajamas always ends up having a blast with his friends.

    This story is literally too cute for words.

    I’m telling you, there are some really great titles in today’s 28 Days of Comics. Get on over there and find out for yourself.

    We’ll see you back here tomorrow for the “Z” titles, and you MUST get here on Saturday when we end our 28 Days of Comics. Seriously.

    Are you planning to pick up some “Young” titles (Young Avengers, Young Liars, Young X-Men) today? Which of the 28 Days of Comics has been your favorite so far? Let us know below.

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    Today’s 28 Days of Comics–Brought to You by the Letter “V”

    Viva los 28 Days of Comics! You’ll save 28% off all today’s “V” titles.

    Today’s pickings are a bit slim, but there are some good ones in there too. Titles like V for Vendetta.

    Fascism vs Anarchism. A dystopian future set in a post-nuclear war. Oppression, tyranny and an “everyman” who challenges the totalitarian government.

    That’s what you’ll find in Alan Moore’s incomparable V for Vendetta. So much has been said about this book that I would just be repeating things smarter people have said before and open myself up for plagiarism.

    What I do have to add is this: get this book. It’s a classic that deserves a place on your bookshelf. Plus, you should read it too.

    Get on over to our 28 Days of Comics and find your own gems today.

    We’ll see you back here tomorrow for the “W” titles! That means Wonder Woman, Walking Dead, and Wolverine and a whole lot more!

    Are you planning to stock up on Vampire Hunter D today? Which of the 28 Days of Comics has been your favorite so far? Let us know below.

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    Today’s 28 Days of Comics–Brought to You by the Letter “S”

    So, today we’ve got all our “S” titles on sale. That means you’ll save 28% off, all sorts of titles starting with “S”. It’s all part of our 28 Days of Comics.

    I’ve been excited for “S” day for awhile now because there are so many titles to pick up. Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find today:

  • ,

    Today’s 28 Days of Comics–Brought to You by the Letter “M”

    You might want to cruise through our 28 Days of Comics, because there are a bunch of “M” titles, and you’ll definitely find something in there for you.

    Today is the day to pick up Marvel books. Marvel Masterworks? Got ’em. Marvel Knights? Yep. Marvel Zombies? You betcha! We’ve also got Marvel Romance, if you’re into that sort of thing.

    I’m most excited about Marvel 1602 being on sale today. Industry greats Neil Gaiman, Andy Kubert, and Richard Isanove bring us a tale of a Marvel Universe set 400 years ago. Familiar heroes and villains abound, and they’ve been reimagined in such a fantastic way. I’m sure you’ll dig it if you’re a fan of Marvel comics.

    Other titles to look out for today include Mice Templar, Mighty Avengers, Ms. Marvel, Mouse Guard, and Mystic Arcana.

    We’ll see you back here tomorrow for the “N” titles! That means New Teen Titans, New Avengers, Nightwing, and more!

    What title are you picking up today? Got your eye on Monster Zoo? Which of the 28 Days of Comics are you looking forward to the most? Have you read Marvel 1602? Let us know below.

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    Today’s 28 Days of Comics–Brought to You by the Letter “K”

    28 Days of Comics SaleKiller! That’s the selection of comics and graphic novels included in today’s 28 Days of Comics. Today’s letter is “K,” which means you’ll save 28% on comics and graphic novels like Kurosagi Corpse Delivery, Kick Ass, and Kull.

    Kingdom Come Graphic NovelI recently cracked open Kingdom Come, DC Comics’ 1996 epic by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. Billed as “The Greatest Super-Hero Epic of Tomorrow,” Kingdom Come deals with a future in which Superman has abandoned humanity, the old-school heroes have been marginalized, and the next generation of heroes has run amok, terrorizing and endangering the innocent instead of protecting them.

    Supe’s journey–and that of those who would join him–to restore peace, justice, and the American way to the people is something you’ll have to discover for yourself, but rest assured, you will not be disappointed. Kingdom Come offers a very human point of view beneath the capes of these so-called “gods,” and the artwork is simply phenomenal. Considering that the sequel, Thy Kingdom Come, is currently unspooling, now’s a great time to catch up on the original.

    Make sure to come back for letter “L” tomorrow to scoop up titles like Legion of Super Heroes, Lobster Johnson, and Lone Wolf and Cub! Got comments? Post them below!

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