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    10 Free Comic Book Day Books You Need To Pick Up

    Free Comic Book DayEvery year, Free Comic Book Day grows by leaps and bounds. What started as just a few comic companies giving out a handful of comics has transformed into over 15 companies and 50+ comics! With many stores implementing strict limits on just how many books you can pick up, you need to make every choice count.

    Luckily, your friends at TFAW have come through with a list of the 10 comics you need to grab this Free Comic Book Day. Why 10? Because that just happens to be the number of comics we generously give at each of our retail locations.

    If you’re a Portland, Oregon or Los Angeles, Calfornia resident and want to join in on our Free Comic Book Day festivities, check us out on Facebook (Milwaukie , Portland, Beaverton, Universal Citywalk) for all the info you could want about our Free Comic Book Day event, including signing schedules. If you aren’t local, keep an eye on our website as we’re going to offer a sale you won’t want to miss starting on May 6th. Plus every order placed on May 6th will recive a Free Comic Book Day comic at random! (While supplies last)

    Want to visit your Local Comic Shop? Visit ComicShopLocator.com to find your nearest Comic Book Store!

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    A Very Michelangelo Christmas

    After some rough times in the last few issues, everybody can agree the beloved Ninja Turtles need a little break from turmoil. This exactly what leads Michelangelo to throw, in his words, “The Most Awesomest Christmas Party Ever!”

    In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #65, all four turtles put their individual skills to use celebrating the yuletide. Mikey’s making the snacks. Donnie is on lights. Raph is in charge of security. And Leo is coordinating everybody. This being the Turtles, it’s impossible to things to go off without at least of couple of hitches.

    Mikey’s “small affair” quickly spirals out of control as the Mutanimals get word of the party and show up uninvited. But the problem of the ever-growing guest list is a gift to readers as it leads to cameos from the majority of the Turtle’s supporting cast.

    The Party’s About to Get out of Control

    Fan favorites like Casey Jones and April O’Neil are there, of course, and they continue their will they/won’t they flirtation. There’s the Turtles’ beloved pizza deliveryman Woody ,who develops a crush on no-nonsense street brawler Angel Bridge. Baby Protoceratops Pepperoni is also on hand to devour all the pizza she can get her dinosaur hands on. And Pete the Pigeon brings his karaoke machine to belt out a few classic Christmas carols.

    This is a fun, one-off Christmas special that can be enjoyed whether you,ve been following the series or not. Lots of good gags (including a great Christmas Vacation homage) and classic character beats fill this issue. There’s even a surprise cameo of a famous character taking on a Santa Claus role in the final pages. A definite Christmas treat for all TMNT fans out there.


    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #65, IDW Publishing, Release date December 14, 2016, Written by Tom Waltz, Art by Mateus Santolouco, $3.99

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    Christy Marx Talks TV, Sword of Sorcery, and Games

    Christy Marx

    Writer Christy Marx has been working in the comics and television industries for some time–’80s classics Jem, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and G.I. Joe are just a few of her credits–so you can imagine our exhilaration when we had the opportunity to conduct a “truly outrageous” interview with her this month.

    Read along to find out what drew her to comics, how she almost almost opted to be an artist, and about her new series, Sword of Sorcery, which will bring Amethyst to The New 52 next month.

    TFAW.com: What are your earliest memories of comics? What was the first comic you read?

    Christy Marx: I was equally obsessed with both comic books and newspaper comic strips. I’d cut the adventure strips out of the paper, paste them onto pages and color them. When I was very young, I found a comic at my grandmother’s house that had a story about an invincible, homicidal robot. I’ve never been able to find anyone who can identify that comic, but it made a powerful impact on me.

    Marx's imagination was sparked by Challengers of the Unkown when she was a child. But the one that finally pushed me over the edge was a comic I found in my desk at school in third or fourth grade. It was a Challengers of the Unknown and, if I remember correctly, involved dinosaurs on a spaceship. I spent the class secretly reading the comic rather than paying attention. From that moment on, I bought every comic book I could afford.

    TFAW.com: What inspired you to become a writer, and when did you first begin to explore that creative outlet?

    Marx: It took me a long time to realize I was a writer. I went down a false path thinking I was going to be a comic book artist, and I was in my 20s before I realized that I didn’t have that talent. The truth is that I was driven to be a visual storyteller and had always been weaving stories and creating characters, so I simply shifted my focus entirely onto the writing.

    TFAW.com: You’re a prolific writer. With TV series like Jem, G.I. Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Captain Power in your credits, I can tell you that you’ve brought joy to a lot of kids out there. What are some of the favorite moments of your career so far?

    Writing for Jem and the Holograms led to one of Marx's fondest memories.Marx: One high point was when writing the animation series, Jem and the Holograms. I wrote a two-part episode that involved runaway kids. At the end of each episode, we ran a help-line number and they were absolutely flooded with calls from kids who needed help. It brought home to me what can be accomplished with popular media.

    And pretty much any time I get to see my name as a screen or print credit is a favorite moment.

    TFAW.com: How did you break into the comics industry?

    Marx: It was a combination of luck and preparation, as these things usually are. I lived in L.A. at the time and Roy Thomas had just moved to L.A. while still working for Marvel. I found out that he’d be speaking to a group of fans in a small setting (not a convention), so I showed up with a Conan story I’d written, listened carefully to the questions being asked, and then at the end asked him the question nobody else had the bothered to ask. While I still had his attention, I asked him if he would read the story. He did and he bought it and that was my first sale.

    TFAW.com: How did your experience writing for TV translate to writing comics?

    Fantastic Four Animated Series circa 1978.Marx:Technically, the comics came first. It was after I’d made a couple of comic story sales that I had the chance to write for a Fantastic Four animation series. The writing format was completely different, but the general sense of visual storytelling carries over.

    TFAW.com: How has your experience been as a female creator in the comics industry?

    Marx: Excellent. I’m not sure whether I was amazingly lucky to fall in with the right group of people or whether it was my own attitude, but I didn’t encounter any obvious barriers to writing for comics. I never stopped to think about the fact that I was female or that there would be any reason I couldn’t do it. I simply got out there and did it. After I had been writing both comics and animation for years, I would find that I was considered special because I was a woman writing action-adventure. I wrote it because that’s what I enjoyed writing.

    TFAW.com: What’s your favorite part of telling stories in the sequential arts?

    Marx: Telling a good story with interesting, compelling characters and a satisfying conclusion. Which, by the way, applies to telling a story in any medium.

    TFAW.com: What are three things you think comic book publishers should be doing to attract female readers?

    You can pre-order the first few Sword of Sorcery issues right now  at TFAW.com!Marx: 1) Less mindless action and graphic violence; 2) less hypersexualizing of female characters; 3) better and deeper character development.

    TFAW.com: What aspect of comics have you struggled with, as a writer?

    Marx: Getting work solely as writer without having an artist attached to a project. It’s so much tougher for a writer than it is for an artist.

    TFAW.com: What advice can you give aspiring writers or comic book creators?

    Marx: I put tons of advice into my book, more than I have time to repeat here, so at the risk of coming across as self-serving, I’m going to point people to my book: Writing for Animation, Comics and Games.

    TFAW.com: Whose work has had an influence in your writing?

    Marx: Mary Stewart, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, J.R.R. Tolkien, Michael Moorcock.

    TFAW.com: Who’s one woman in comics that you admire?

    Marx: Wendy Pini! A fantastic talent and one of my favorite people. Elfquest rocks.

    TFAW.com: What was the last comic you read?

    Marx: I’ve been reading Rachel Rising by Terry Moore (and anything he does), Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai, the Astro City series by Kurt Busiek, the Buffy series, and X-Men.

    You can pre-order the first few Sword of Sorcery issues right now  at TFAW.com!TFAW.com: Can you tell us a little bit about Amethyst’s introduction to DC’s New 52 in Sword of Sorcery?

    Marx: I tried to honor the previous series, which I read when it first came out, but give it a reboot for today’s audience. It skews slightly older and I’m doing a lot of new world-building. There’s an entirely new set of characters. Amy is 17 and has a difficult relationship with her mother, who happens to be a powerful woman in exile. When they return to their home world the entire balance of power shifts, causing all sorts of intrigue, strife, betrayal, and not to mention more than a few assassination attempts.

    TFAW.com: What projects do you have coming up soon?

    Marx: I work full-time as a Narrative Designer at Zynga on a Facebook game called Hidden Chronicles. Between that and Amethyst, I don’t have time for anything else.


    Our thanks to Christy for taking the time out of her busy schedule to chat with us about her experience in the comic book industry. Be sure to check out her newest comic book adventure when Sword of Sorcery begins on September 19.


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    Comic Book Reviews: Archie Meets KISS, Angel & Faith, TMNT

    New Reviews of Comics and More!

    We’re back with our weekly comic book reviews! This week, we review Archie #627 (Archie Meets MISS Part 1), Angel & Faith #4, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4, and the Classic Marvel Characters: Iron Man figure.

    Check out our video below. MILD SPOILER ALERT! We’ll avoid any big spoilers, but we will give out a few details as we go. So were these comics and items Box-Worthy, Fence-Worthy, or NOT Worthy? Listen to our opinions and then post your own below.

    Archie #627 (Archie Meets Kiss Pt 1)



    What did you think of these titles? What should we review next week? Post your comments below!

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