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    New Batman Superman Series Joins the New 52 This Summer

    New Superman/Batman Series hits the New 52 this summer!A new epic begins with the debut of the new ongoing Batman Superman comic book series! Don’t miss the first fateful meeting of Batman and Superman in The New 52.

    Helmed by Greg Pak (Incredible Hulk, X-Treme X-Men) and featuring the stunning art of Jae Lee (Dark Tower, Before Watchmen: Ozymandias), this is one series you won’t want to miss.

    “We’ve been given the incredible opportunity to show these two icons meeting for the first time at this very early and raw stage in their careers,” Pak told USA Today. “Neither one of them has ever heard of the other guy.”

    Pak went on to say that this is “a really exciting place to discover who these guys are, and the things we’re going to discover particularly in this first story arc will have ramifications later on down the line. We’re going to start in the past but it’ll reverberate through. It’ll be big and crazy and tons of fun.”

    Jae Lee's Superman from the new Batman Superman comic book seriesJae Lee's Batman from the new Batman Superman comic book seriesYou’ll save 20% off Batman Superman #1 when you pre-order your copy at TFAW. You can also lock in this great price when you set up your Batman Superman Series Subscription by 4/23.

    The series is also available as a Combo Pack edition that comes packaged with a digital download code for the issue.

    This is a great option for people who want to store the physical copy of the book for collectible purposes and use the digital code to read the issue. Or, you could get the book for yourself and pass along the digital version to a friend! Sharing is caring, after all.


    Are you excited to see the first meeting of Batman and Superman in the new Batman Superman series? How do you think that’ll play out? Post your comments below!

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    January Product Review Contest Winners Announced

    Detective Comics review at TFAW.comHundreds of great product reviews come in every month, and it’s our duty to pour through them and pick three winners as part of our monthly Product Review Contest. Below, you’ll see who won from January’s Product Reviews. We’ll be sending $25 gift certificates to the people who posted them.

    Jonah from Rawlins, WY is the first of this month’s winners. Here’s what he had to say about Detective Comics #15:

    Having mainly bought this for the tie-in to the Death of the Family event, I was pleasantly surprised at the upswing in quality of writing. The issue gave enough background to the last few issues to let you know what was going on, and crafted it’s own story while putting events in place of Joker’s reign of terror. It had the least to do with the event of the tie-ins I’ve read so far, and yet was still a good story. Misses the 5 star rating because of a few pieces of campy art that seemed misplaced, but otherwise a great issue.

    Superman review at TFAW.comNathan from Buffalo, MN wrote several reviews last month. His review of Superman #15 caught our eye.

    Recent issues of Superman have been lacking, but this one hopefully has this series back on track. It was real interesting to see modern day Lex in a prison of his own design. He also has a great interaction between Superman and Superboy, as he does his best to mess with their heads. This issue definitely will leave you wanting more Luthor.

    JLA Action Figure review at TFAW.comLast but not least, there’s Oscar from Imperial Beach, CA, who’s review for the Justice League Superman Action Figure #1 really spoke to us.

    Very high quality and given it’s based verbatim on the main New 52 JL design by Jim Lee it’s a bonus, dude sure has excellent aesthetics; blister/box presentation (minimalistic white) it’s also a big plus ~ as a collector I’m very happy with my purchase and will continue supporting this line-up from DC Collectibles

    Thanks so much to everyone who wrote reviews last month. You’re helping people decide what to get (or what to avoid) next.

    So submit your reviews and help your fellow collectors, and us, sort out the “HOT” from the “NOT”! Who knows, you may be one of next month’s winners.

    It’s simple! Just visit any product page and look for this:

    Click on it and our product review form will appear in a popup. Just fill out the pertinent information and submit your review, and you’re done! We’ll take a look at your review and get it up on the product page soon thereafter!

    There’s also a really easy way for you to call up everything you’ve ever ordered from us and review it. Simply log in to your account and go into the Order History Section. Next to each item, you’ll see a “Review it!” link.

    Questions? Comments? Let us know below!

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    Save 40% on DC New 52 Second Wave #1 Issues at TFAW.com

    DC took the comic book industry by storm in September 2011 with The New 52, when they relaunched their entire line of books with #1 issues. In May, they’ll be launching six new series with The New 52 Second Wave!
    Batman Incorporated #1Earth Two #1Worlds Finest #1Ravagers #1Dial H #1GI Combat #1

    If you were to buy all six #1 issues at retail price, you’d shell out about $20. If you order at TFAW by 3/31, those issues will cost you just $11.94 as part of our Second Wave offer. That’s 40% off all six #1 issues. There’s no better way to try out these new books!


    Don’t forget about the ongoing adventures of your favorite DC superheroes. Many of DC’s New 52 series have new creative teams and are starting new story arcs. It’s a great time to start reading these blockbuster series.




    Which series are you excited to begin? Are you picking up all the Second Wave #1 issues? Let us know below.

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    DC Comics Announces The New 52 Second Wave: See the Covers

    DC Comics announced last month that it is canceling six of its New 52 titles–Men of War, Mister Terrific, OMAC, Hawk and Dove, Blackhawks, and Static Shock–with their #8 issues, and replacing them with six new comic book series, including Grant Morrison’s popular Batman Incorporated, with artist Chris Burnham.

    The other five new series are Dial H, by fantasy author China Miéville and Mateus Santoluoco, with covers by Brian Bolland, Earth 2, by James Robinson and Nicola Scott, World’s Finest–starring the original Earth 2’s Huntress and Power Girl–by Paul Levitz, George Perez, and Kevin Maguire, The Ravagers, a spinoff of Superboy and Teen Titans by Howard Mackie and Ian Churchill, and G.I. Combat, by J.T. Krul and Ariel Olivetti, with backup stories like “The Unknown Soldier”, by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Dan Panosian, and “The Haunted Tank”, by John Arcudi and Scott Kolins.

    We’ve got all of the covers for these debut issues, below–including a look at Power Girl’s new costume in World’s Finest, top right, which has been vastly altered, particularly in the, er, chest region.

    Dial H New 52Earth 2 New 52World's Finest New 52

    The Ravagers New 52G. I. Combat New 52Batman Incorporated New 52



    Have you been keeping up with the New 52? Which of these new DC series will you try? Post your comments below!

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    Comic Book Reviews: DC Comics The New 52 HC, Witch Doctor & More

    New Reviews of Comics and More!

    It’s time once again for our weekly comic book reviews! This week, we review the DC Comics The New 52 HC, Ultimate Comics X-Men #4, Batman and Robin #4, Star Wars: Agent of the Empire #1, the Witch Doctor TPB, and the new POP! Vinyl Star Wars Figures. Find out which of this week’s new releases are “Box-Worthy,” “Fence-Worthy,” and “Not Worthy.”

    Check out the video, below. MILD SPOILER ALERT! We’ll avoid any big spoilers, but we will give out a few details as we go. So did these comics and items make the cut? Listen to our opinions and then post your own below.

    Star Wars: Agent of the Empire Comics



    What did you think? What should we review next week? Post your comments below!

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    The New 52 Reviews: The Flash, Aquaman, Superman, Firestorm & More

    We Review Every #1 Issue of The New 52!

    It’s our final week of DC’s The New 52 #1 reviews! Where did the time go? In this edition, we review all 13 of the September 28 #1 issues, including Aquaman #1, The Flash #1, Batman: The Dark Knight #1, Superman #1, Fury of Firestorm #1, Green Lantern New Guardians #1, Savage Hawkman #1, Teen Titans #1, All-Star Western #1, Blackhawks #1, I, Vampire #1, Justice League Dark #1, and Voodoo #1!

    We’ve divided all of these comics into three bite-sized videos, below. MILD SPOILER ALERT! We’ll avoid any big spoilers, but we will give out a few details as we go. So were these comics Box-Worthy, Fence-Worthy, or NOT Worthy? Listen to our opinions and then post your own below.

    DC's The New 52 #1 Issues




    Have you read any of DC’s The New 52 #1 issues yet? What did you think? Post your comments below! You can also pre-order The New 52 #2 and #3 issues now, too.

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    The New 52 Reviews: Batman, Supergirl, Red Hood & More

    We Review Every #1 Issue of The New 52!

    Welcome back to our comics reviews of The New 52, DC Comics’ rebirth of its superhero (and horror!) universe. This week, we review all 12 of the September 21 titles, including Batman #1, Wonder Woman #1, Green Lantern Corps #1, Birds of Prey #1, Supergirl #1, Nightwing #1, Captain Atom #1, Blue Beetle #1, Catwoman #1, Legion of Super-Heroes #1, DC Universe Presents #1, and Red Hood and the Outlaws #1!

    We’ve divided all of these comics into three bite-sized videos, below. MILD SPOILER ALERT! We’ll avoid any big spoilers, but we will give out a few details as we go. So were these comics Box-Worthy, Fence-Worthy, or NOT Worthy? Listen to our opinions and then post your own below.

    DC's The New 52 #1 Issues




    Have you read any of DC’s The New 52 #1 issues yet? What did you think? Post your comments below! You can also pre-order The New 52 #2 and #3 issues now, too.

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    The New 52 Reviews: Green Lantern, Batwoman, Superboy & More

    We Review Every #1 Issue of The New 52!

    It’s time once again for our comics reviews of The New 52, DC Comics’ ambitious re-imagining of its entire superhero universe. This week, we review all 13 of the September 14 titles, including Green Lantern #1, Batwoman #1, Batman & Robin #1, Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Mister Terrific, and much more!

    Like last week, we split up the comics between three videos, which you can view below. MILD SPOILER ALERT! We’ll avoid any big spoilers, but we will give out a few details as we go. So were these comics Box-Worthy, Fence-Worthy, or NOT Worthy? Listen to our opinions and then post your own below.

    DC's The New 52 #1 Issues




    Have you read any of DC’s The New 52 #1 issues yet? What did you think? Post your comments below! You can also pre-order The New 52 #2 and #3 issues now, too.

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    The New 52 Reviews: Action Comics, Batgirl, Detective Comics & More

    We Review Every #1 Issue of The New 52!

    It’s time once again for our comics reviews of The New 52, DC Comics’ ambitious re-imagining of its entire superhero universe. This week, we review all of the September 7 titles, including Detective Comics #1, Action Comics #1, Green Arrow #1, Justice League International #1, Animal Man #1, Batgirl #1, Batwing #1, Hawk and Dove #1, Swamp Thing #1, Men of War #1, OMAC #1, Static Shock #1, and Stormwatch #1.

    Whew! It was so many comics, we actually split it up into three videos, which you can view below. MILD SPOILER ALERT! We’ll avoid any big spoilers, but we will give out a few details as we go. So were these comics Box-Worthy, Fence-Worthy, or NOT Worthy? Listen to our opinions and then post your own below.

    DC's The New 52 #1 Issues




    Have you read any of DC’s The New 52 #1 issues yet? What did you think? Post your comments below! You can also pre-order The New 52 #2 and #3 issues now, too.

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    The New 52 Reviews: Justice League #1

    We Review Every #1 Issue of The New 52!

    It’s here! DC Comics’ ambitious relaunch, The New 52, kicks off this week with Justice League #1, by Jim Lee and Geoff Johns. We review it below and tell you whether it’s Box-Worthy (something you’ve gotta read each month), Fence-Worthy (a title to check in with from time to time), or NOT Worthy (not worthy of your money).

    We’ll be reviewing every #1 issue of The New 52 each week–MILD SPOILER ALERT! We’ll avoid any big spoilers, but we will give out a few details as we go. So was Justice League #1 any good? Watch the review below, check out our new intro, and stay tuned for a special coupon at the end!

    Justice League #1




    Have you read Justice League #1 yet? What did you think? Post your comments below!

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    Gail Simone Talks Batgirl, Firestorm & Women in The New 52

    Gail Simone BatgirlComics writer Gail Simone is not afraid to speak her mind–whether on Twitter, via her comics, or through her lightning rod of a website, Women in Refrigerators, which she created in the late 1990s. Women in Refrigerators, which is how I was first “introduced” to Simone back in the day, got its name from the brutal murder of Kyle Rayner’s girlfriend, Alex DeWitt, and questioned the number of female comic book characters who were violently attacked or killed in the name of a good story. It caused an industry-wide furor. It also, according to several creators, made people rethink how they wrote for women.

    Since then, Simone has risen through the comic book industry, writing a column for Comic Book Resources, scripting Simpsons comics for Bongo, and then moving on to Deadpool and Agent X for Marvel. For the past several years, she’s been the most prominent female writer at DC Comics, helming fan-favorite runs of Wonder Woman, Secret Six, Birds of Prey, and more. Now, with The New 52, she’s also the only female writer; her new series, Batgirl and The Fury of Firestorm, will (re)launch this September.

    This is hardly the only controversy generated by DC Comics’ ambitious reimagining of its superhero universe, so we asked Simone about her plans for Batgirl and Firestorm, how she feels about Barbara Gordon regaining the use of her legs, and what her stance is on the lack of female creators in the new DC Universe. Read on!

    TFAW.com: Can you tell us where Barbara is in Batgirl #1, both emotionally and physically?

    Gail Simone: Emotionally, she’s excited, a big part of her feels this is what she was meant to do. But she’s not without regrets and fears. And physically, yes, she’s a little rusty.

    Gail Simone BatgirlTFAW.com: Barbara seems to have really grown up as a woman as Oracle, and as the leader of the Birds of Prey–is it a step back to return her to the “Batgirl” role?

    GS: Oh, sure, that’s a fair position to take, but I think it makes an error in singling out one character. Nearly the entire DCU is being de-aged. Was the recent Star Trek movie taking a step back for Kirk and crew? I think it’s possible to feel both things–to miss Oracle and to love Babs as Batgirl.

    TFAW.com: Barbara has been part of a team for a long time. How will she react to being a solo act again, if that’s what’s happening?

    GS: Again, I think she can be both, she can be a Beatle and a solo act. The things that make Barbara so hugely loveable and compelling are there in both forms. As a retailer, I’m sure you know how intimidating it can be to new and returning readers to feel that there’s this wall of information that has to be understood to read a comic that catches your eyes. The relaunch is a chance to do a kind of hyper-focus on the central core, the fixative element, that makes each character.

    TFAW.com: What’s her standing with the Birds of Prey in The New 52?

    GS: I am not on that book and not in that loop. I believe she appears in an early issue, beyond that, I don’t really know.

    TFAW.com: What are Barbara’s relationships like with Bruce, Dick, and her father in The New 52?

    GS: We see her relationship with Jim right away, and the other two within the first six issues. There are some new dynamics for sure!

    Batman: The Killing JokeTFAW.com: There are a lot of fans who are upset that Barbara is no longer a paraplegic. What’s your response to that?

    GS: Again, if we focus on one character, then this looks like a deliberate attempt to anger or alienate the fans of that character. But if you move the entire DCU back, it really only makes sense to start with something closer to what they were created to be. It’s not applied completely evenly, and that upsets some people, too . . . understandably.

    I have intentionally tried not to invalidate the opinions of people who feel she should stay in a chair forever. I believe in Oracle as a role model, I’ve seen it, I’ve felt it. I refuse to reduce the feelings of these people to debate points. They feel what they feel; Oracle means more to them in the chair than Barbara means to them as Batgirl.

    We do plan to address this, in several big ways, one of which is making sure that one character no longer represents almost the entire disabled community in the DCU anymore.

    TFAW.com: You’re also writing The Fury of Firestorm, with Ethan Van Sciver. How does your collaboration work?

    GS: We discuss the plot together, and I write the scripts. Ethan loves the character, and wanted to do the book with me, and the fun thing is that it’s got a massive scope that unfolds–every issue reveals more and more how huge the Firestorm protocols are to the DCU.

    TFAW.com: Having two writers working together as one is a pretty clever parallel to Firestorm himself. Was that on purpose, or a happy accident?

    GS: It’s just a collaboration we wanted to have, but we were ironically aware the entire time, that there’re some definite parallels. I’m a tree-hugging lefty and Ethan’s far more conservative . . . it’s good fun and people keep remarking that it makes the pages spark.

    Fury of Firestorm Gail SimoneTFAW.com: How is Firestorm different in The New 52? How are Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond, and their relationship with each other, different?

    GS: We really have to leave that a surprise for now . . . but it’s great fun, and the art by Yildiray Cinar is simply explosive.

    TFAW.com: Are the events of Blackest Night, such as Ronnie killing Jason’s girlfriend, still in their past?

    GS: Our Firestorm #1 is their first meeting.

    TFAW.com: When did you first hear about DC’s plans for The New 52?

    GS: Not sure of the date, but there had been some rumblings for a while. But the actual announcement to us came in secretive dribs and drabs for a bit, then woomph, was just sort of unloaded on us. I was very skeptical at first, until I started seeing some of the creative teams.

    TFAW.com: Do you think this initiative will attract a lot of new or lapsed comics readers?

    GS: Overall, considering the entire plan, yes, I do, we’re seeing large numbers of people giving the books a try.

    I understand people being mad, but I just sat down an hour ago and read some of these first issues for the first time . . . not all are to my taste, but holy crap, some are just amazing. I hate for people to miss the fun of this, so I hope they give the new books a look.

    TFAW.com: There’s been a lot of controversy about the scarcity of women creators in The New 52. As a prominent and popular female writer, what’s your take?

    Fury of Firestorm Gail SimoneGS: It’s complicated–I want the best possible writers for every job. On the other hand, with the number of talented women who have proven they can write and draw and carry a title, and are popular with readers, I was absolutely dumbfounded that in the first wave of 52 titles, there were only two female creators, and only one writer. I found that out the same day the readers did. Since female readers are one of the few growing demos in the industry, that seemed a huge mistake and I was very put out by it.

    However, I knew some things that the readers didn’t . . . I knew that some major female talents had books in the pipeline, just not in the first wave, and that several others had been approached but had to decline because of the accelerated deadlines conflicting with their previous work.

    So I knew that the picture wasn’t as skewed as it seemed, but I still feel we could have done better, and I do think we muffed the response to the question. DC, to their credit, took the criticism to heart and reached out to a lot more female creators.

    TFAW.com: I finally read the end of Secret Six, and I have to know–will we ever know what happens to everyone? A couple of characters are already part of The New 52; what about the rest?

    GS: My take on the final issues of the pre-relaunch books is, I didn’t want them to end with a huge WE ARE DONE NOW THIS IS THE END thing, I wanted to leave them with a feeling that the universe would continue, and that there are stories still out there. I think the end of S6 feels satisfying, but exactly what happens next is really up to the reader.

    We want to thank Gail Simone for taking the time to answer all of our questions! You can pre-order Batgirl and The Fury of Firestorm right here on our site, or pre-order all of The New 52 #1 and #2 issues for a limited time.

    Are you excited for Batgirl and The Fury of Firestorm? How do you feel about the status of women in comics–both on and “behind” the panels? Post your comments below!




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    Josh Fialkov Takes Us Inside I, Vampire and DC’s The New 52

    I, Vampire ComicsIf you’re a fan of horror–real horror, the kind that taps into your primal fears and keeps you up at night–you should be reading Joshua Hale Fialkov’s comics. His original graphic novels, Tumor and Echoes, deal in scenarios that tip dangerously into everyday occurrences: what if a tumor can destroy everything you are? What if the seeds of your parents’ inner monsters are destined to bubble through your own skin, hurting your loved ones?

    So we were very pleased when we noticed Fialkov is helming one DC’s The New 52 horror books, I, Vampire, updating the original House of Mystery series by J.M. DeMatteis. He took a break from writing to answer our questions, below:

    TFAW.com: First off, I got a chance to see an advance copy of the Echoes hardcover–which turned out really nicely. How do you like it?

    Joshua Hale Fialkov: I’m immensely proud of it. I’m devoted to the idea that if we want to beat the pirates and the downloaders, and to convert the new digital readers, we have to create true objects d’arte out of our books. And do it for a good price. I mean, sure, as comic fans we’re crazy enough to buy $150 oversized hardcovers, but, most folk won’t drop more than a twenty on a comic, so, it’s up to us to provide them something that screams value and quality. Both with Tumor and now with Echoes I think I’ve done that with my books.

    TFAW.com: Reading Echoes again was also fantastic–it’s a book that changes a little each time you read it. How did you pull that off?

    JHF: A lot of the credit goes to my amazing team. Rahsan [Ekedal, the artist] is just a talent beyond words, and there’s so much depth and detail in his work that you miss when you’re being hurtled along by it in the first read-through. I’m actually looking forward to the day when we can do an oversized version just so people can see the art at it’s original size the way Rahsan created it. It’s truly breathtaking.

    DC Comics The New 52TFAW.com: When did you hear about The New 52? How did you get involved?

    JHF: I had a meeting with editor Matt Idelson at Emerald City Comic Con this year, and that was about launching I, Vampire. I don’t know if I knew they were relaunching everything, but, the idea was definitely that there was a huge amount of outreach going on, and the goal of the company was to find new voices who have something to say about these characters and this world.

    I grew up reading tons of horror comics, especially the House of Mystery and House of Secrets books (plus, I devoured Creepy and Eerie and all of those weird Charlton series, too.) So, this was just a great fit. I’m genuinely thrilled to get a chance to show what I can do to a much bigger audience.

    TFAW.com: Where did the idea from I, Vampire come from? Can you introduce it to us?

    JHF: From the brain of J.M. DeMatteis, really. I’m just taking what he did and contemporarizing it a tiny bit. But, really, the idea behind the book is already startlingly modern. Andrew Bennett was turned into a vampire about 400+ years ago. His first act was to turn his one true love, Mary into a vampire too. So, he retained his morality and his sense of humanity . . . she became evil incarnate.

    Now, after years and years of fighting, Andrew and Mary have made peace, the vampires have gone into hiding, and everything is good in the world. Except . . . Mary is sick of being oppressed. She sees herself as one of the great civil rights leaders. She wants to liberate and free her oppressed people. Which is a great thing . . . except that it involves eating us! So, that’s really where our story starts, with Mary leading a revolution, and Andrew stuck in the middle because he loves her so much, and yet, has sworn to protect humanity.

    I, Vampire Joshua Hale FialkovTFAW.com: Why do you think this series was included in The New 52? Where does it fit in the DCU?

    JHF: It’s firmly entrenched in the DCU, definitely. You’re going to see the ramifications of the book show up elsewhere as time goes on. I’m buddies with a bunch of the other writers, and pretty much every conversation is me pitching their heroes fighting my vampires. And that’s the thing, it’s something that’s been missing from the DCU. Having this great little horror line with Swamp Thing, Frankenstein, Demon Knights, and I, Vampire, brings back what was at one time a huge part of the DCU in the horror line.

    TFAW.com: How do you feel about being included in this major reimagining of the DCU?

    JHF: Couldn’t be happier. Y’know, I remember Crisis, and I remember how afterwards, suddenly, I could read and understand DC comics. They became a huge passion for me, and I was thrilled to get in on the ground floor.

    Now, comics are even more complicated and more difficult to follow, so having a clean start that still honors what came before is such a huge opportunity to bring fresh new readers into our world. That’s been a driving force for my whole career: how do I help to ensure that this industry continues to exist for a long, long time?

    I think DC has taken a risky but amazingly courageous path in trying to ensure the industry’s future.

    TFAW.com: There are a lot of vampire comics, TV shows, movies, and books these days–what sets I, Vampire apart?

    JHF: I know this is sort of a cop-out answer, but, Andrea and I are the difference. This book is very much our vision, very much our voices. I could say that it’s got this cool radical social agenda, or that it’s a pure horror romance, but, really, like everything I do, this is a book about people. It’s a book about two conflicting points of view, both who have validity, coming to a complete head.

    I, Vampire Andrea SorrentinoTFAW.com: What’s it like working with Andrea Sorrentino?

    JHF: Great! Andrea’s going to be a huge star, and I’m just glad I get to ride his coattails.

    TFAW.com: If sales of I, Vampire on TFAW.com are any indication, this is going to be your biggest-selling book to date, which means this is going to be your first introduction to a lot of readers. Do you have anything you’d like to say to them?

    JHF: If you like I, Vampire, then please, please, please, check out my independent work. I love both equally, but, there’s a level of freedom to creator-owned work that you just can’t have anywhere else. Those books are things I do for passion and the love, and I’d love for more people to experience them.

    TFAW.com: With The Cleaners, Echoes, and now I, Vampire, you’re carving quite a career for yourself in the horror genre. Is that the path you see yourself continuing?

    JHF: I’d argue that Tumor and Elk’s Run are both in the same genre as the rest, but, I’d say it’s more in the Thriller/Suspense side of Horror, and honestly, that’s the approach I’m taking with I, Vampire, too. I want it to be a romantic thriller more than anything else.

    Look, I love monsters and monster stories, but, the reality is that what’s really scary are the people next door. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is way scarier than Nightmare on Elm Street, for me, in other words, and that’s where my writing has always gravitated. I’ve had a few folk describe what I do as Noir Horror, and I feel like that’s probably as close as you can come to identifying what I do.

    That being said, with Last of the Greats, from Image, I’m doing my version of a superhero story, which again is pretty horrific, overall, and, I’ve got a sci-fi comedy book over at Oni Press due out next year . . . I’m definitely starting to stretch beyond the boundaries of the Noir Horror thing I’ve been doing, but that’ll always be my roots, I think.

    Echoes Joshua Hale FialkovTFAW.com: What elements of horror are you most attracted to?

    JHF: Almost every book I do starts from one simple question. What’s the worst thing that could happen? So, with Tumor it was “What if I lost the use of the one thing I depend on for both my livelihood and my identity?” Then you go to, well, nobody wants to read a book about a writer who’s got a brain tumor, at least not in comic book form, so, what do we have? Who else needs their brain the way I do as a writer? Which led me to a private investigator.

    With Echoes it was, what if every mistake and flaw I see in myself was passed on to my kid? With I, Vampire, it’s what if the person you loved turns out to be the worst person in the history of time? It’s all very personal, small stuff, that I think we all feel and worry about, taken to a sort of orchestral swell, storywise, but with that core driving it forward.

    TFAW.com: How is I, Vampire different from your previous books?

    JHF: In a lot of ways, it’s not. There’s definitely the more magical mystical side, which I don’t explore a lot in my other work, and it’s been such a huge blast to do on this, that I’m already working on some more stuff that leans that way. Probably the biggest difference is the canvas size. I’ve got an entire world to play with, and the joy of the DC Universe to play it all against. There’s a lot of brilliant stuff being done by the various creators at DC and I’m made better by being in proximity to them, I think.

    TFAW.com: Do you have a reunion in the works with Rahsan Ekedal, your partner in crime for Echoes and The Cleaners?

    JHF: We have a couple, actually, we’re doing a one shot for Top Cow’s Pilot Season, called Test, and then we have a six-pager in Vertigo’s upcoming Unexpected anthology. And, strange as it sounds, I had a crazy dream last night that looked like Rahsan drew it, so, maybe there’s a new original graphic novels in our not-too-distant future.

    Last of the Greats Joshua Hale FialkovTFAW.com: What’s up next for you?

    JHF: Last of the Greats over at Image is taking up a huge chunk of my time right now, as well as Noel Tuazon and my follow up to Tumor, which should be also coming from Image later this year. I just finished a run on Superman/Batman with artists Adriana Melo and Tomas Giorello, that was a huge amount of fun. I’m hoping to get another crack at those guys very, very soon. You can follow along with all of that stuff at my Twitter, @joshfialkov or on my recently revamped blog, TheFialkov.com.

    Our thanks to Joshua for giving us a peek inside his upcoming stories! We can’t wait to read I, Vampire: you can pre-order issues #1 and #2 of I, Vampire right here at TFAW.com.



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