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    Wonder Woman: A Movement Disguised As A Movie

    Please Note: This article features light spoilers for the Wonder Woman 2017 Feature Film. While we feel that these light spoilers won’t impact your initial viewing of the movie in any way, if you are adverse to spoilers you might want to see the movie first before reading this article.

    Wonder Woman.

    Light spoilers ahead.

    “[Wonder Woman] was like the best unorganized mutual party…”

    I had to think about this but I wanted to talk about the experience we had at the theater last night. I think I’m finally able to put into words the feelings that were running rampant in my mind as I watched the movie and afterwards as I talked with Shawna, my wife. One of the best things about last night, other than the fact that I got to see one of the best super hero movies out there with my wife, was that the crowd watching the movie was amazing.

    Prior to the film starting there was a very strong sense of occasion. There was excitement in the air. People were up & walking about, not content with just sitting to wait for the movie to start. They were talking with neighboring movie-goers, laughing, getting drinks & food, wide-eyed and ready but all of them were in good spirits. It was like the best unorganized mutual party you could fathom.

    The crowd cheered and clapped and hooted and hollered. Especially when Diana made very strong metaphorical references to the cowardice of men in positions of power in the New World. We were all silent when the mood was somber. We all laughed together and with the characters on the screen when the time was right.

    What I can surmise is this; we ALL became involved in a movement that was titled Wonder Woman.

    “…this is a boost we all need to do the right thing.”

    I could feel that in that theater. We could all feel it. Every one of us. It was tangible and it was real. I felt it strongest as the movie unfolded before me and for the first 40 minutes of the movie, I could not stop wiping my eyes. Not because the movie was sad but because of the very real truths Diana and this film brought to us. Not just what her character was saying on screen but what this movie being in theaters worldwide means to people every where.

    If there was a negative thought in my mind last night it was simply to wonder why this film had not been released a decade ago. But then I think, maybe the timing is right. Maybe this is a boost we all need to do the right thing. To be better than the sum of our parts. To carry the weight that others are unable or too weak to carry.

    When Diana tells Steve Trevor and his men “But it’s what I’m going to do.” as she launches herself into the bloody battlefield to bring peace and safety to the poor and downtrodden, I don’t know if there was a dry eye in the theater. Because this is what we need. This is what we should be doing. Standing up for those who are weaker, smaller, lost, confused and war torn.

    Wonder Woman told us to stand.

    And the theater stood.

    As we all should.

    Thank you Gal Gadot. Thank you Patty Jenkins. Thank you Allan Heinberg.

    Thank you for bringing the heart of what a super hero is to the people of the world.

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    Review: Nikita Pilot From Warner Bros.

    Live From San Diego Comic-Con 2010

    NikitaWarner Brothers screened the pilot to its upcoming series, Nikita, during Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con, and we got to see it! Starring international action star Maggie Q (Live Free or Die Hard, Mission: Impossible III), Lyndsey Fonseca (How I Met Your Mother, The Young and the Restless), and Shane West (ER, A Walk to Remember), Nikita is a sleek yet over-so-slightly clunky adaptation of both the Luc Besson film, La Femme Nikita, and the USA Network’s television series, La Femme Nikita.

    The series sticks pretty closely to the USA show: there’s a rebellious Nikita (Maggie Q), a handler named Michael (West) who may have unresolved feelings for her, a shadowy government organization who is taking criminals without family or friends and turning them into assassins, a possibly evil, definitely pissy head of operations (Percy, played by Xander Berkeley), a lovable geek named Birkoff (Aaron Stanford), and a beautiful-yet-deadly den mother who puts the final polish on these lovely assassins, played by Melinda Clarke (The OC, CSI).

    The pilot even begins with a sequence that plays like a repeat of the USA Nikita’s origin: a drug robbery goes very wrong, and a young lady is wrongly accused of murder, sentenced to death, and instead recruited by Division (instead of Section). The twist? The recruit in question is a drug-addicted, hostile young lady named Alex.

    You see, in this series, Nikita escaped from Division three years prior, after they killed her fiance, a “civilian” who had no idea he started out as her cover. Now she’s back, and she’s determined to take down Division.

    Maggie Q was born to play this role–gorgeous and lithe, yet totally believable as an intelligent badass. She’s slender but not fragile–more like a blade, as she uses her Division training against them in spectacular fashion and boldly confronts her former “employers.” Her former teammates seemingly hold a soft spot for her, but it’s one woman against an army . . . or is it? There’s a twist at the end that I won’t spoil, but it looks like as usual, nothing is as it seems in the world of Nikita.

    But let’s cut to the chase: is it any good? I enjoyed the pilot, but the jury’s still out. There were some painful lines of dialogue, such as “I made a mistake. I fell in love,” and this episode was pretty exposition-heavy (normal for a pilot, of course). But the actors are all game, the action sequences are slick, and the show has a sly sense of humor that’s promising. And man. Maggie Q is hot, and I’m a heterosexual woman.



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